DX Toridevender (Toraidovender) - Part 2 of 2

This is the continuation of Part 1 of this review.

If you haven't read the Part 1, we recommended that you go and have a look at it first - just visit this link:

DX Toridevender Review Part 1 of 2

Otherwise, you can proceed as you please;

You can transform the Ride Vendor into vending machine mode which holds the Candroids;

And this is it the vending machine mode;

Lovely menu selections of Candroids;

OK, in the first part of the review, I did mentioned about the sound gimmick that required AAA Batteries.

We will now look at the battery compartment. You can only access this battery compartment after you transform the bike into vending machine.

On the lower or bottom part here is where the battery compartment is;

You need screw driver to open the cover;

2 pieces of AAA Battery;

This picture will show you how tall this vending machine mode is;

And if you only have those S.H. Figuarts figure, this is now the size comparison;

That is one huge vending machine....

Now we will talk about those medals and their relation with this vending machine;

You can actually "insert" those medals into the vending machine and you will hear some sounds;

These videos can explain further;

Very cool huh? Again, I feel so excited about this gimmick... this thing is damn fun.....

And now finally.... the TorideVender or ToraidoVendor - some sort of "final form" of this bad ass black mother fucker.....

Eventually, you need the "Tora Candroid" as it will become part of the final form;

So from this first mode, the Tiger mode, you need to do a little bit of "transformation" for the 2nd form;

This is it, the second form... what ever it is... I don't know;

As for the bike, you also need to do some "transformation" work as shown in the pictures below (I don't mean to replicate the whole transformation process coz if you have this item, you should have the manual, you can and should refer to the manual);

Once the above part is done, you need to combined that Tora Candroid with the bike;

Basically you just attached it on the front part of the bike, the final result is like this;

This TorideVender is something like those All Terrains Vehicle (ATV);

Impressive, absolutely impressive;

The Latorartar riding the ToraidoVendor..... vrooom vroom vrooommmmmmmm!!!!

And this TorideVender have different sound gimmicks as well... see the video below;

Astonishing, absolutely astonishing..... this is so fun...

Last but not least... apparently those 2 medals are again needed for another additional gimmick on this Toridevender.

It is something like this;

This video can tell you the story in a better perspective;

And that's it..... finally it's over....

Overall, this DX Toridevender is the best Kamen Rider bike ever, if not on the TV show but at least as a toy stuff this is absolutely magnificent. For me personally, this is the best toy I ever reviewed for quite sometimes now, certainly the best so far this year. This DX Toridevender really indulge my inner child and I really have lots of fun with it and love every bit of it.

Some of you, especially S.H. Figuarts collectors who always boast about details, details and details, you might not happy with the simple detail of this item but the truth is, as at the day of this review, there is no news about the similar item for "S.H. Figuarts version". Maybe in the future, they will have it or maybe they wont.

I have no doubt that probably Bandai can go a step further and improve the details for the special "S.H. Figuarts version" but I'm not sure if they will also give the same fun gimmicks this model can offer... knowing Bandai style who wanted their slave (like you and me) to buy all of their products, my guess is that probably if they make one, it will be no additional gimmick apart from the transformation. Then again, this is just my personal speculation, I can be totally wrong about this. Maybe Bandai will do something greater than this for their "S.H. Figuarts version", for now, only Bandai knew the answer.

1 thing for sure, this DX Toridevender is absolutely a fun toys. In Shewsbury Land we strongly believe that before we complain, we should get the item, see it and test it and from there onwards you can say what you want because at least, you buy the items and you have the rights to be happy or unhappy. We believed that it is not right to just complains and blame this and that on any particular figures and/or toys based on hearsay. Then again, good product will get good response, simple as that.

So if you are a big fan of Kamen Rider OOO and the relevant merchandise items, especially the action figures like the "OCC gimmick action figures" or the "S.H. Figuarts detailed action figures" or any other humanoid action figures from other company like Revoltech and Figma, this DX Toridevender is an excellent item for you to consider depending on your pocket size.

It is certainly pricey, no doubt about it, normal retail price of 5,800 yen (about SGD 88.00 / USD 71.00) before adding shipment charges is not a joke and not many people (especially to those collectors who are still just a student in some schools or college or what ever) willing to pay for it.

However, for those of you who can afford it, this is really a great value for your money....

And last but not least, if you want this item, grab them now, grab them quick, otherwise, before you know it, it will be gone and discontinued...

You can order this from your favorite local retailer or any of the online hobby/toy shop direct from Japan.

DX Toraidovender
Code: BAN964038 Series: Kamen Rider OOO

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  1. Unfortunately the SHF version not transformable ^^


    see you later DJ =)

  2. A very detailed review of the toy. At first, I thought the bike was going to transform to a robot and transforming into a vending machine totally to me by surprise. Lotz of cool features like the different sounds it can make and mechanism to eject the coin. The video clips explains a lot too.

  3. Happy good friday to you too!

    I can see from this review you really like this toy a lot! That vending machine transformation is down right fun haha! This is one of your heaviest video laden reviews too I must say! Why not do an entire video review next time :P

  4. Chubby, indeed I love this toy a lot... as for the video review... sigh... not so fond of it, I use video if I think necessary but I think for now, I stick to the old fashion way - text and photos.... cheers...


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