DX Toraidovender (Toridevender) - Part 1 of 2

Over the course of a year, I reviewed many action figures and toys as well as other gadgets and stuff like camera and even some kitchen stuff for fun sake.

Now, let's focus on this figures and toys section, from my personal perspective, Shewsbury Land have quite a lot of them, though we don't have as much as other hardcore collectors who have several hundreds of figures and toys stuff in their collections but then again on my own perspective, I think I (and Shewsbury Land) have quite a lot, that's what matter.

Out of many that I have reviewed in the last 3 years, naturally some are better than others, some are a little disappointing, some are really good, but it's only a few times a year that a figure or toys comes along that really stands out from the rest of the crowd. This DX Toridevender is one of those toys.

This is now the review of DX Toraidovender or DX Toridevender (トライドベンダー Toraidobendā) is basically the ride for the current Kamen Rider OOO (Ozu).

At normal retail price of 5,800 yen (about SGD 88.00 / USD 71.00) before adding shipment charges, this item seems to be pricey (just for example, shipment using EMS to several countries within South East Asian region will cost about 2,100 yen = about SGD 32.00, though this again can be slightly different depends on your actual geographical location and shipment method).

At first glance at the box and if you happen to read some "simple review" from other blogs/websites you might think that this bike is just another typical bike for the Kamen Rider but with some transformation gimmick but as I discovered in our fun 2 hours review period, this bike have more than meets the eye....

Some information about Ride Vendor and Toride Vendor from Wikipedia;

The Ride Vendor (ライドベンダー Raidobendā) is a modified Honda VT 750 C2B Shadow Black Spirit, mass-produced by the Kougami Foundation and provided to Kamen Rider OOO and Ankh for use whenever needed. It can transform from its Machine Vendor Mode (マシンベンダーモード Mashin Bendā Mōdo), where it acts as a vending machine which holds the Candroids, to its Machine Bike Mode (マシンバイクモード Mashin Baiku Mōdo), when a Cell Medal is inserted and touching the Multi TaS Sensor (マルチTaSセンサー Maruchi Tasu Sensā, "Touch and Scan").

This transformation allows the Ride Vendor to remain hidden in plain sight as a vending machine until needed. The Ride Vendor's transformation can also be controlled remotely, but this fact is hidden from Ankh and Eiji, as Kousei Kougami wants them to be dependent on his technology so he can collect Cell Medals from Kamen Rider OOO's fights.

By combining with the Tora Candroid, the Ride Vendor can become the Toride Vendor (トライドベンダー Toraidobendā). As the Toride Vendor, its speed and power is increased and it can use claw-like attachments to release Medal shaped blasts of energy. But due to its feral nature, the Toride Vendor is only compatible with Kamen Rider OOO while he is in his Latorartar Combo, with the machine's ability to siphon the excess energy allowing OOO to use the Combo without overexerting himself, while taming the machine at the same time.

OK now, finally, let's have a look at this item;

The box;

The box is quite huge, in the photo below we purposely put the 1/100 scale Strike Gundam, S.H. Figuarts K.R. Heat Metal and 1/144 scale Beargguy to show you how big the box is;

Out of the box;

You will get all these stuff - the bike, the Tora Candroid and 2 medals (1 is tiger and the other 1 is either a cheetah or a leopard, I'm not so sure, but should be either one of these 2)

This is a glimpse of the product information sheet cum manual, don't loose this manual it's very important, trust me....

The 2 medals;

OK, first we will have a look at this Tora Candroid;

Just like anyother "Candroids" in the series, this thing can be transformed into some animals in accordance to their labels. This "Tora" is indeed a tiger;

By the way, this "Tora Candroid" have 2 forms, this is just the first one, we will have a look at the second form later.

Now, we will focus on this big black bike.... a modified Honda VT 750 C2B Shadow Black Spirit, available at all outlets of "Chow Chi Bai Auto Dealers" in Shewsbury Land at reasonable price and there is no refund apparently.

Some simple gimmick here but this is quite useful for other transformation process later;

No sticker detailing like speedometer or anything alike but in fact, even the S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Double Machine HardBoiler which we reviewed here in September 2010 does not have any detailing on that part either. I personally don't bother about it anyway and since this machine have more other interesting gimmick, I don't mind at all.

And you can also see on the picture below, there is 1 round black button - which you can press for ??????? - hehehehe.... we will have a look at it later....

It would be nice if they just paint the side mirror with silver or chrome color, but they don't bother, again, this is just a minor quirks which I don't care at all...

There is a switch marked with O and X which means O = On, and X= Off - that means this Ride Vendor have some sort of gimmick that requires battery..... awesome.... prior to this review, I didn't really bother to view reviews from others, I did saw some "official image" from some other blogs/websites highlighting the transformation gimmick and since then I decided to bother about it and wait till I got this item for me to explore further when I do the review.

Yes, indeed it is, eventually this bike have "sound gimmick" and you need to get 2 unit of AAA Battery, we will explore that part later, but for now, the following video will show you the purpose of that "ON/OFF switch" and the black round button;

Yeah.... "sound gimmick" very fun.... this is something that I never expect at all... I'm truly amazed with it..... brilliant, absolutely brilliant....

By the way (in real life) I never see any Honda VT 750 C2B Shadow Black Spirit not even the photo of it from the internet and thus I'm not sure how it looks like. Thus, if you want to bitch around about the bike details, I don't know much, what you see here is what you get;

And now let's see this TaToBa Ozu riding this magnificent Ride Vendor.... vroom vroom vrooom;

Eventually those S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider action figures can also use this Ride Vendor;

Even the Figma can too;

1 pilot and 2 passenger is never a problem... I think even 4 should be OK;

Vroom Vroom Vrooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

This black bike is damn funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!

Continue to Part 2 of the review, click the link below;

DX Toridevender Review Part 2 of 2



  1. those passengers implied that this bike is too big >_<


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