OOO Combo Change 06 Kamen Rider Birth

Continuing our journey into the Kamen Rider OOO world, this is the review of OCC#06 Kamen Rider Birth the secondary Kamen Rider from the popular Kamen Rider OOO TV series.

Kamen Rider Birth is actually a doctor from birth control division somewhere in the Shewsbury Hospital.... I think most of you only saw the 2 doctors in Sexual Treatment Division in here, remember those 2 with penis X-Ray?

Kamen Rider Birth is really an expert when it comes to having sex without the risk of pregnancy plus he have the best sperm outing and flying distance control if compared to all the other Kamen Riders ever existed with the exception of Kamen Rider AV.

The usual technique of "spraying" the sperm on the woman's stomach or somewhere near the breast that you saw in those Japanese Adult Video are actually invented by Kamen Rider Birth.

In Kamen Rider OOO tv series, Kamen Rider Birth actually represented by Date Akira and Goto Shintaro. The Date guy died LOL... well, not dead actually, he just get bored with the job as he want to focus more of his time and energy within the Japanese Porn Industry hoping to get a lead male role someday in one of those "Raped in front of her husband" series by Attackers. So the Goto guy take over from him.

The box;

Amongst all the OCC figure/toy series, this OCC#06 Kamen Rider Birth seems to have the biggest box of them all... well not really super big, but still, bigger than the rest....

Outside the box... you will get all these stuff;

Basically apart from the figure, you will get all of those awesome gadgets and weapons;

This is the manual that comes with it;

OK, first and foremost as usual, let's see the body of this KRB;

And maybe, a little bit of close up;

Those who only love S.H. Figuarts may not like those visible screws.... but I never give a fuck about them anyway.... it's just some screws... we all love screwing around sometimes...

Articulation is pretty good, the usual kneeling pose is never a problem;

And then we have all these wonders of the world.... something that you will never get if you buy the S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Birth;

First let's play with the tiny gun or pistol.... I think they call it Birth Buster;

I believe you will at least get this if you buy the S.H. Figuarts version;

And now, the magnificent Birth CLAWs (Canon/Leg/Arm/Wing System)

First the KRB CLAWs Drill Arm;

In case if you wonder, KRB = Kamen Rider Birth....

This is now the KRB CLAWs Crane Arm;

This pair is KRB CLAWs Catepillar Leg;

With this gigantic legs.... Kamen Rider Kick never felt the same.... LOL

This one is KRB CLAWs Cutter Wing - an inspiration from Gundam Wing or Freedom Gundam from Gundam Seed.... LOL:

This one is KRB CLAWs Breast Cannon (no relation with breast grabber);

This one is KRB CLAWs Shovel Arm;

This is very useful to pick up dirty or used condom or any other rubbish....

And eventually, just like that Devastator monster from Transformer 2 movie, you can combined all the mother fuckers onto his body.... apparently they call this combo as "Birth Day"....

And still not far from that Devastator concept in Transformers 2 movie, all those CLAWs units can combined to themselves and become CLAWs Sasori

This is it... CLAWs Sasori.... something like an autonomous scorpion like assault droid.... usually the us this Sasori to see the colors of panties and underwear of those ladies wearing skirts....

Overall, this OCC06 Kamen Rider Birth have the most comprehensive gadgets and weapons I've ever seen from any Kamen Rider series in the past, probably only James Bond and Inspector Gadgets are the only other person who might have more gadgets than him. This figure offer absolute great value for money and I can understand it if somebody just want to grab this and skip the rest coz this Birth is simply marvelous. With all those stuff that he have, he could easily tell Batman to just retire for good. I have no complain what so ever on this figure. Everything is within expectation - the paint quality, the finishing... all are gorgeously brilliant and those CLAWs thingy... promises lots of extra fun to what it seems to be a normal action figures....

If you like Kamen Rider Birth, say "fuck" to the S.H. Figuarts version, you should grab this instead!!!!

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The normal retail price for this item is 3,500 yen (SGD 54.00 / USD 44.00) while the S.H.Figuarts version cost 3,200 yen (SGD 49.00 / USD 40.00)

And as at the day of this review, HLJ offer this item for a mere 2,450 yen (roughly about SGD 38.00 / USD 31.00 - before adding shipment charges)

OCC06 Rider Birth
Code: BAN965384 Series: Kamen Rider OOO



  1. Date didn't die, he just reached his target of 100 million yen and went overseas for surgery, passing Birth's ownership to Gotou until he's back.

    I still prefer the SHF Birth, it will be even more awesome when it's claw set get releases:D

  2. One question is the CLAWS sturdy on him ? looking at his small holes all over the bodies and small peg on weapons, I was wondering whether that will be loose easily or not

  3. Aya, the CLAWs attachment is quite good, there are holes on every round part of his body, on the shoulder, elbow, chest, hip and knee, all those holes are for those CLAWs attachment.

    Apparently once attached or "plugged in", they are not as tight but they are not loose either... say in the level of 80% to 90% like that... then again, this maybe could be different from 1 unit to another...

    The good thing about it being not too tight is that the "damage" risk is less, if it's too tight, someday out of the blue when you not careful enough, you might break the attachment joint and when that happen, maybe you can't attach the CLAWs to his body anymore... this what I mean with "damage" risk.

    As for this specific unit, I have no problem about them being annoyingly "loose", they're not perfectly sturdy but at least I never feel annoyed with it like I did with some of those "Gundam Fix Figuration" - especially the old type...

    And of coz if you want it to be really tight and sturdy, just use the "white glue"...


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