OOO Combo Change 02 Kamen Rider OOO Gatakiriba Combo

This is the review of OOO Combo Change 02: GataKiriBa Combo from the TV series of Kamen Rider 000.

If you want to see the review of OOO Combo Change 01 - Tatabo Combo, click here.

The box...

Out of the box...

There is no weapon or any other accessories what so ever... you get what you see...

Let's have a look at the Gatakiriba...

Articulation is not a problem, overall its very good and this kneeling pose is never a problem.

Some close up on this guy...

Gatakiriba is a combination of Beetle, Mantis and Hopper. That means this combo of Gatakiriba includes Beetle head, Mantis body and arms and lastly Hopper legs.

The belt were not detailed perfectly as Bandai purposely want it that way and reserve it for the S.H. Figuarts line up - scheduled for release in 1st Quarter of 2011. Nonetheless, for the price range of this figure, I guess Bandai have done a good job to balance the result and the cost. Furthermore, if Bandai make this figure to be as good and as detailed as SHF line up, then it will surely affect the sales of SHF in the future right?

The only new features on this figure (apart from the look) is this blade or what ever it is on the arms. The Tatoba have that "Wolverine" alike claws on both arms while this Gatakiriba have this blade thingy - an evolution effect of the Praying Mantis body and arm.

As for the legs, this seems to be the same leg we have on the Tatoba - from Hopper, but the color is clear green instead of solid green.... reason? unknown...

And the prominent feature of the OCC series/line up - this "eject" or "separate" button at the back...

Basically for you to separate the figure into 3 parts, like this;

And the beauty of this OCC line up, if you have them all, you can basically have an alternative combo (or combination) of Kamen Rider OOO.... so far we only have 2 of them... the OCC03 LiToraTa Combo is scheduled for release in November 2010 (within this month).

So with what ever we have, we try to experiment and see the result;

And now, some action pose time...

The usual Kamen Rider Kick....

Overall, this is a very nice action figure of Kamen Rider OOO Gatakiriba Combo. Good articulation, even the fingers are articulated, decent detailing and fun to play with and it can be a nice display item as well. If you like the OCC line up from Bandai, then you have to collect all 4 of them I guess.

All the Kamen Rider figures in Shewsbury Land now;

When we decided to buy less Gundam items and start to focus on Kamen Rider items several months ago.... I never expect to have gone this far. What we have now is just a small number if compared to some other hardcore collectors (I knew there are many of them out there) but I personally think that this is already a lot for me - plus a few more to come.... sigh....

Maybe soon we have to stop on Kamen Riders and focus on other thing again... which I'm not sure what it will be....

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  1. wahh... overexposed... must be the sickness

  2. I don't like the legs in rider kick mode.... Looks too inhuman lol.

  3. wow clear legs,so the yellow-yellow-yellow might get clear body and arms
    hmm I focusing a bit on western figures and some bricks this year, dunno what I should focusing next year.


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