OOO Combo Change 03 Kamen Rider OOO Latorartar Combo

This is the review of Kamen Rider OOO LaToraTa Combo from the TV series Kamen Rider OOO.

Although in HLJ they mentioned it as LaToraTa (which sounds nice) but eventually in the box Bandai use different spelling = LATORARTAR (a little strange I think).

I'm not sure if that is due to poor translation behavior or Bandai just want to do it that way for what ever reason they might have.

Nonetheless, let's get on with the review;

The box;

For the first time ever I got a box where it is almost fucked up.... maybe somebody just throw this around or they put some heavy stuff on top on my box.... sigh...

Thankfully though the contents were unharmed...

Outside the box;

Not much, just the Ozu sama himself separated into 3 parts, head, body and legs....

As usual and always will be, first we have a look around this figure body - something like 360 degree spin... LOL

LaToraTa is a combination of Lion (La), Tiger (Tora) and Cheetah (Ta)

This is now the Lion face/head;

The Tiger body and arms;

And Cheetah legs;

Articulation wise is very good. This figure can still do the usual kneeling post.

For those of you who love to compare all types of figures against S.H. Figuarts and keep on saying that S.H. Figuarts is the best action figures in the world and all others is just piece of shit, I guess you better go fuck yourself as that means you don't have the essence and spirit of figures at all - you failed to appreciate the unique design and features of each figures as probably you feel comfortable masturbating with S.H. Figuarts only and licking the penis of Bandai.

I like to highlights the strength and weakness of each figures but despite that I somehow appreciate all other type of figures including those big head Nendoroids. I bought some of them for my own collection - that should be enough as a prove. On top of this I have reviewed several other types of figures like those from Wave and GSC and Kaiyodo etc. - you can see the list of figures that we have reviewed here if you want.

But the bottom line is, just like compact digicam, no figures are perfect and no compact digicam is perfect either - each of them have their own greatness and lousiness. Each person may view it differently but for the targeted audience and for those who really love that particular figures, surely they knew what they appreciate the most about that particular figures.

All this "other figures" is also part of important element to the whole hobby and toys industry and surely Bandai knew that more than anyone else as they are one of the big daimyo in this industry. If Bandai follow your opinion and stop producing all "other type of figures" and focus on S.H. Figuarts only - they probably gonna close shop soon.

Of course that everybody can have their own opinion, but if you only interested to promote S.H. Figuarts and discriminate and look down at other type of figures/toys, then don't waste your time to be at Shewsbury Land and don't even bother to leave comments.

Variety is what this business and industry is all about... more variety means more money for Bandai (and also to other figure/toys manufacturer).

Just like men, if possible they want to fuck as many pussy as possible... though in reality not many can achieved that...

Nonetheless, back to the review, the features or gimmick of this OCC Series is that you can attach and detach to create your own favorite "combo" as seen on TV.

With a press of this button, you can detached this figure to 3 parts....

And if you lucky enough to have the other 2 (or maybe more of them in the future), you can then have more fun by doing all the "combo" that you can think off;

Some example below;

The usual "Tiger Claw" that we've seen since the first OCC TaToBa Combo.

The leg panel on the side can be open, I haven't watch the TV series so I don't know what is the purpose but my guess is that maybe this will enable him to run faster like those Cheetah that we've seen in National Geographic Channel.

Run Forrest, Run!!!!

And lastly, some action pose;

Overall, this is a fun action figures especially if you have the other OCC figures from the same series. Kamen Rider OOO fans have the choice to collect this fun action figures or wait for the more expensive and more detailed (but no attachment and detachment features) counterparts from Bandai's S.H. Figuarts line up which will be out within this year of of 2011.

The price of this figure is 2,500 yen (about SGD 39.00 before adding shipment charges - I think retailers will sell this at around SGD 49.90).

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  1. the only thing I don't like from this series is bandai give clear arms for him(and legs for that GataKiriBa) :( so it's bassically "must" buy TaToBa combo to make it perfect yellow

    by the way the package arrived yesterday,thank you very much :D.

  2. Aya, I agree with you, I don't understand why the heck Bandai use that color for the other OCC figure - I personally hate that kind of "clear" color type... I guess this is one of the trick Bandai use so that people who bought this will then still craving for the S.H. Figuarts version - knowing Bandai... oh well....

  3. bro where can i get this toys? am intrested to collect the whole set

  4. Hello Melo, welcome to Shewsbury Land, I always bougt mine from HLJ (

    You can go to the following link directly;

    If they dont have stock, try other online shops or in E-Bay maybe

  5. i already try the hlj. most of them out of stock. so sad :(


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