Takara Tomy CH01 - Optimus Prime G1 & Movie Version Part 2 of 3

This is a direct continuation from Part 1 of 3, you can click the link below if you want to read the previous part;

Moving on, we will now focus on the trailer. They only give you 1 unit of this but it can be attached to both of the head (G1 or Movie version) so at the end it's up to you to decide who shall have it.

The trailer looks decent, the gimmick is not a lot but at least we can still open the back door and get this slider so some smaller vehicle can go up/down inside/outside;

Other than the above, you can also lift up the side like this;

So you can then display the inner parts which is empty anyway so for fun sake I just put 2 units of these 1/60th scale die cast cars so you basically have the idea about the size of the trailer;

As I said earlier, they only give you 1 unit of this but it can be attached to both of the head (G1 or Movie version) so at the end it's up to you to decide who shall have it;

Now we will look at the robot mode and we will start with the classic G1 version. Transforming the classic G1 Optimus Prime from vehicle mode to robot mode is really easy that even a novice like me doesn't need to see the manual or any Youtube videos.

And this how it looks directly after you transformed him from the vehicle mode into robot mode;

Thus you need this extra parts which is not relevant when the Optimus is his G1 vehicle mode - the blaster pistol or is it rifle? and then the 2 hands;

You need to attached the hands onto the wrist like this;

And this is the sticker decals in which I have applied earlier, I guess that is how the Transformers toys back then in the 1980's so we just do it that way. The stickers really enhance the looks of this G1 Optimus in a way.

OK, let's have a look at the Optimus Prime G1 version now;

Obviously in the modern era nowadays, the design and the looks of the robot toys of the 1980's have lot's of "weaknesses" that we can easily pointed out - but then again, back in the 1980's, this is already great, it's cool, it's amazing to have a toys that can transform from vehicle into robot mode and still looks decent. So I'm not gonna complain anything on the look of this G1, all I want to say is that it's a decent robot and the design really have the classic 1980's feel in it, I like it that way.

As for the articulation, well, not much to talk about, what you can see from the picture below is all that you will get - but then again, those days, this is good enough;

And to make it more "fun" and "realistic" we can put that blaster pistol or rifle on his hand and you can start shooting bad guys - phew phew, boom!!!

Yup, that's how it was in the 1980's - live with it - but it was cool back then - this is what you call classic;

These are all the pose I can share with you on this one - not much really;

 Overall, Optimus Prime G1 version with this classic design as a robot toys is not really that bad actually. Again the casting and the painting finishing is very good and I appreciate that a lot.



  1. awesome classic G1 optimus it even have hollow chest make it really old school toys

  2. The trailer is different for G1 version. Still like the easy transformation of the G1 Prime...


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