Takara Tomy CH01 - Optimus Prime G1 & Movie Version Part 1 of 3

Fresh from our long Easter 2013 break and today we will review this "Takara Tomy CH01 - Optimus Prime G1 & Movie Version" produced by none other than Takara Tomy.

As they are quite a lot of pictures/photos for this review, we separate them into 3 parts and this is now Part 1 of 3... Let's begin now...

The local price here is just around SGD 80.00 (about USD 65.00 / EUR 51.00 / 6,031 Yen) but one of the local shop is selling this item for just SGD 70.00 (about USD 57.00 / EUR 44.00 / 5,277 Yen) which I believe is a fair price for this item.

The box;

Out of the box - you will only get all these;

Product literature included is some graphical information sheets about Transformers toys since 1980's and all the way thru the recent time and also the manual and a sticker decal for the classic Optimus Prime G1 version.

Eventually, I like to start from the vehicle mode first so even though you see the "out of the box picture" above showing them in robot mode but for this review purpose, my personal preference, I start with the vehicle mode...

So we start with this Optimus Prime G1 version in his vehicle mode - a trailer or truck head, what ever...

Form my observation, this classic G1 vehicle mode is quite brilliant, nicely done by Takara Tomy, the workmanship is very very good no matter how simple it may seems to be but the detailing, the sculpt and casting and also the painting application is very good. I am pretty happy with it....

On top here, there is this Autobots logo, you need to touch them to reveal the almost hidden logo;

Just do something like this;

And there you are, the Autobots logo;

The wheels are nice and more importantly the tires are made of rubber - I love it a lot!!!

You can even see some wordings on the tires "- Formula Deser Dog" or something like that unless if I read it wrongly - old farmer's eyes, so you know, sometimes it doesn't work well LOL...

Not much to see on the interior detailing, it is basically empty;

Overall, I think the vehicle mode of this classic Optimus Prime G1 version is very good, not perfect but it's certainly not average either considering that the design is originally from the 1980's era. I love it very much!!!

Now, let's have a look at the modern Optimus Prime Movie version in his vehicle mode - a trailer or truck head, what ever you call it.

Though it has to be said that the looks is corresponding to the 2007 Movie version but personally for me, in terms of the overall look, sculpt and casting, painting and workmanship finishing - it's not really that great if compared to the G1 version, but then again it's just from my personal view. It still looks like a decent trailer/truck head but I just can't feel any "sweetness" in it.

No interior detailing which is expected at this level but if you ask me, I prefer the interior looks of the G1 (even though it looks plain empty) rather than this one;

The tires and wheels are molded into 1 piece of plastic part:

Detailing on other parts of the vehicle is quite decent;

Though I don't understand why on this side they have that "dot-dot" thingy but....

on this side however, they don't have that "dot-dot" thingy - you get what I mean?

Overall, it still a decent looking truck, it's not great but just decent and obviously if you ask me, I prefer the finishing on the classic G1 version.

Side by side- the G1 and the 2007 Movie version;

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