Simple Die Cast Car Customization Project

During the weekend, I happen to have some free time at home so I decided to do "car-bashing" - an act of stealing some or certain parts from certain (die cast) car models and use it on other cars. Those people in the Gundam plamokit world have similar terms that they call as "kit-bashing".

So I wanted this Honda Civic Type-R Junichiro Custom (see the review link below) to have a better wheels than those standard typical "Tomica" wheels - I believe this will enhanced the looks of this car.

So this is it then, I have to sacrifice one of those cars from Maisto, I believe the red color car is 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28.

No matter how painful it is, sacrifice is needed, no pain no gain.... oh yeah.....

So let's us start now....

First thing first, we need to open up the Camaro and take out the wheels/tires.

So after I took out the wheels/tires from the Camaro, the next step is to put the wheels/tires onto the Honda Civic...

Apparently, for this Civic I didn't do any drilling what so ever to open up the car. So what I did is, I keep it simple, just cut all those wheels/tires from Camaro into 4 pieces and then I brutally pull and cut the original wheels/tires of the Civic and just like that, put the Camaro wheels/tires into the chasis of the Civic, put a little bit of Tamiya Cement (or super glue) and that's about it.... done deal...

Oh yeah,, the rear tires seems to be a little bit wider to my preferences, so I did a little bit of cutting to make some adjustment.

And this is it now the final result;

Looks way much better if compared with the original "Tomica" wheels/tires - no doubt about it.

I did mentioned about me using Tamiya Cement (super glue) - yeah, this means the wheels/tires is static - not moving - but I don't give a fuck about that as I don't play with this car anyway, I just want the cool looks

The next project is to improve the wheels/tires of this Tomica Mitsuoka Orochi;

So I have to sacrifice a cheap Porsche Boxster from Maisto - just gonna take the wheels/tires - that's all;

Using the same methods as described above (on the Honda Civic), this is now the final looks;

I don't care what others think, but for me now, the Orochi looks way much better with this wheels/tires;

The next project is this Majorette Mini Cooper Cabrio;

As for this one, I'm not gonna change the wheels but rather I wanted to convert it from "American style / left hand steering" into the "British/Japanese style - right hand steering". So yeah, basically I wanna do some changes for the interior:

So first thing first, we need to open up the car. I then sacrificed the 1960 Ford Starliner from Maisto for this project:

The next thing I did was to "removed" the steering wheel;

After that, have to steal the chrome steering wheel and the LCD screen from the other car;

And just "super glue" them into the Mini... just like this;

And yeah just like that... the Mini Cooper Cabrio now looks and feels like a real "British/Japanese style"

And now... this Mini also have "LCD screen" so the passenger can watch some porn movies while on the road LOL LOL LOL....

I did a few more cars, will upload the article tomorrow.... so far, all these feel so fun to do after quite a while I didn't do any car customization....



  1. Nice mod bro! Happy Chinese new year!

  2. the Shewsbury Chop Shop ! daring customizations, but they look nice !... actually i think that those models by Maisto could be a good source for spare parts... =)


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