Majorette Major City Large - Mini Cooper Cabrio

This is Major Ciry Large from Majorette featuring Mini Cooper Cabrio - and the car is the main absolute reason I bought this item :-(

The price is SGD 16.90 (about USD 13.00 / 1,000 yen) and as a whole package, I think it's quite a great value for money though eventually you do need to buy more LOL....

The box;

Out of the box - you will get all these stuff;

I like this beautiful sky background, I can use it for figure photography as well...

Something like this;

So now, let's have a look at all the stuff again;

Apart from what you see in the above picture, they also gave some extra stuff inside this plastic packaging;

And these are all the stuff inside the plastic packaging as seen in the above picture, I don't know much about them all but they looks cute;

And now, let's have a look at the car - Mini Cooper Cabrio in metallic blue color scheme;

The painting finishing of the car is quite excellent, I'm certainly happy with it, no scratches or dented, all is fine.

The interior detailing is quite brilliant as well, although they chose the American/French left hand steering wheel (I would love it if we can get the British/Japanese right hand steering wheel) but more importantly the dashboard detailing is quite pleasing to the eye. Just have a look at the close up pictures we provided for you to see below;

I'm really happy with this car, certainly no regrets and no complain what so ever, brilliant - absolutely brilliant!!!

And now, since this item comes as some sort of city building diorama thingy, I guess we try to make the best out of it - at least for this review reason;

The very first one I could think off - the basic set up we've seen from the box;

And then, we try other combination but since we only have 1 building, not much really we can do.... as I mentioned earlier, it would be great (and obviously that's what the producer wants) if you buy all sets available from this particular series line up and after that, with some additional extra creativity and efforts, you could really do some exciting diorama.....

The Mini Cooper Cabrio complements my not so great "Mini Collections" inside my alcohol display cabinet ^__^

At first I just wanted to put all cars with right hand steering wheel only (British/Japanese style) on this section but.... oh well, sometimes due to space limitation issue, we do need some compromise ^__^

From what you can see on the above picture, only the Mini Cooper Shewsbury Custom and this featured Mini Cooper Cabrio that we review here today comes with left hand steering (American/French style)

And this Mini Cooper Cabrio should be resting here, near the "Mini Gang";

Overall, I'm happy with this item as a whole package. For about 1,000 yen (SGD 16.90 or about USD 13.00) this is certainly a great value for money with the options to complete the whole "city" diorama as long as you don't mind to keep on buying the others within the series. Unfortunately, I only wanted the car so the building diorama stuff, I just donate it to my staff, she love it so much as she also kind of casual car model collectors....



  1. looks like a nice playset :D a bit reminds me with tomica town

    by the way the package arrived thank you DJ :)

  2. Aya, Tomica Town? Tomica also have something like this? Wow I never knew it..... so your Christmas gift package finally arrived? LOL the year end holidays really caused a lot of delays hahahaha.... I hope you like it, now we both have the same car, but I have 2 units of it LOL :-P

  3. This must be quite a steal for a serious mini Cooper collector. The backdrop is excellent for taking pics for other figures too!

  4. @DJ yes Tomica Town(click) they even have some funny minifigures,some of my package also got delayed hahaha, I like it thank you :)

  5. certainly my fellow collectors had great Christmas gifts and you’re not an exception man !!!... this Majorette set is great and reminds me a lot the 80’s vintage City sets by this brand (of which i’m planning to get one, at least)... now, i agree, the Mini by Majorette is a very good replica, nicely detailed and painted and you have also a nice Mini collection on your "liquor cabinet"... finally i got a Mini just for my own sake and i will publish it... who knows... maybe soon XD


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