Matchbox - 1964 Austin Mini Cooper S

This is a die cast car model of 1964 Austin Mini Cooper S from Matchbox which I just found recently from one of the local sellers in here.

I love those Mini cars, I have a few of them from Hot Wheels and also Tomica as below;

Tomica Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper Shewsbury Custom by Tagashie

Morris Mini Shewsbury Custom by Tagashie

Majorete Mini Cooper Cabrio

And finally now, our first Austin Mini.... LOL...

The packaging;

Out of the packaging;

Painting finishing is quite decent and the casting is not bad either so not much to complain on that. As for the wheels, oh well, this is the cheap mass produce items so again, can't complain on that also...

At first I do have the intention to remove the 2 white stripe on top of the engine hood but on second thought, I think it's OK to leave it that way:

More importantly, this particular die cast car model comes with typical right hand steering wheel (British style) so that is a great bonus for me.

Overall, despite the simplicity which in fact represents the overall concept of "Mini" cars - the painting finishing and the overall quality for this model is quite decent, nothing fancy but nothing much to complained either. I just simply like it as it is....



  1. hi there, welcome back again pal !!! (this template is a tad complicate when it comes to comment =/)... i find this Matchbox casting pretty fine, in fact better than the HW counterpart... the chromed plastic chassis is a nice feature (i hate the black plastic chassis most of the times)... i like as well the Tomica version (very unusual for me) and the model by Majorette is really nice !!!


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