Tomica - Mini Cooper

This is a a nicely finished tiny die cast car model of Mini Cooper from Takara Tomy.

The box;

Out of the box;

And now out of the plastic packaging;

This car is basically at almost the same scale like those tiny die cast car models from the popular Hot Wheels brand. However this particular model from Takara Tomy have better finishing result especially in terms of details and painting.

More importantly for me, this particular car comes with right hand steering wheel (British/Japanese style) - I consider this as a bonus. Takara Tomy also provide the side mirror which are usually missing from those Hot Wheels version ^__^

Overall, at typical retail price of SGD 5.50 (about USD 4.30 / 330 yen), this a brilliantly finished and detailed Mini Cooper at a "mini package". The painting quality is a whole lot better than those from Hot Wheels (see the link below) and we are so happy with this item.

Hot Wheels Morris Mini

Hot Wheels Mini

And since we are so happy with it.... we grabbed 2 units at once ^___^

Though now, I think I should grab another one, 3 are better than 2 LOL....



  1. is there no other color ? usually they have some sort of color variation right ^^

  2. Aya, so far from the sI can only see this color... I don't mind to buy again if they have other color variation ^__^


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