Hot Toys - Resident Evil After Life 3D - Alice - Part 3 of 4

Direct continuation from Part 2

If you haven't read it already, you can check out the Part 2 (CLICK HERE)

Otherwise, you can proceed as you pleased;

In this part, we will focus on the weapons - you will get all these stuff;

First we will focus on the 2 machine gun;

Not much to say, no gimmick what so ever but all looks real - just in a smaller size;

The next weapon is this mind blowing sword... another reason why I wanted this Alice figure;

Other than that, you will also get 2 Nepal knife and a baton, they looks great but not much gimmick;

And now finally the 2 pistol and the 2 shot gun - these guys have a little gimmick though :-)

The 2 pistols... it looks beautiful;

The gimmick is that you can do something like this;

Yeah you can see those small 6 bullets.... this kind of pistol is fun coz you can do some sort of "Russian Roulette" thingy....

That thing, something like switch or lock (sorry I don't know much about pistol LOL) at the rear also can move, look at the pictures below;

And the 2 shot gun;

The gimmick on this one is that you can do this;

And see the 2 bullets;

And you can even take them out (and if you are careless, you might lose them also LOL)

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