Hot Toys - Resident Evil After Life 3D - Alice - Part 4 of 4

Direct continuation from Part 3

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Otherwise, you can proceed as you pleased;

In this final part, it's time to do some action pose.......... I won't say much, just have a look at the picture below, hope you enjoy them... the photography part of this review took me 4 hours >__<

I do learn something new as well from doing the review photography of this figure, when it comes to the head/face shot, you need to be at certain angle and then and only then, you can have the most out of the face and it will look exactly like the real Alice/Milla Jovovich;

We started with all those guns;

And now those Nepal knife;

And my favorite part - Alice with sword..... for me, lady with sword is kind of awesome!!!!

Trying the Uma Thurman Kill Bill standing pose... Hot Toys, please make that figure, I will buy!!!

The baton;

And last but not least.... time to put on this jacket;

The finishing is fantastic... it's hard to imagine how difficult it is to produce such items at such size;

I don't really remember Alice wearing this in the Resident Evil AfterLife movie... correct me if I'm wrong or if I forgot.... anyway, since Hot Toys included this nice jacket, I guess it's a good value added stuff for our money... I have no complain about it and certainly love it;

In fact, after a while, I prefer to see this figure with this jacket rather than without it;

I just love this combination so much - jacket and sword ^__^;

And finally... Alice find a new home for herself inside that liquor cabinet of Shewsbury Land;

Overall, this is a brilliant 1/6 scale (12 inches) figures of Alice (Milla Jovovich) of Resident Evile AfterLife 3D from Hot Toys. I love the wonderful price that I paid for it (MISB condition), I love the beautiful face sculpt many weapons supplied with this Alice and that jacket is a wonderful bonus. Apart from the ass that I mentioned, I have no other complain what so ever. I am happy with this Alice. If you are a fan of Hot Toys stuff or Alice (Milla Jovovich), then you should grab this figure.

If you want to, you can read the review all over again from the link below ^__^




  1. LOL she hold the knives reserved ^^

  2. OM!!! certainly we are talking with a big leagues collector !!! could i be your friend ??? LOL...

    i have a relationship of love/hate with HT figures... love their great head sculpt (not always have the correct likeness with the actual character), the accessories (specially the weapons) and sometimes the work on the clothes/suits...

    i hate the lack of articulation for a big figure, i mean, you already pointed out that even smaller figures have better articulation features and man, you’re paying a lot, you deserve more, clothes and the sculpt job are not everything... if that were the case, there are some great statues with similar features for a more decent price and this is an ACTION FIGURE not a statue!!!

    that makes it very clear for me: i would hardly own a HT figure... maybe, just maybe a Briaerius from Apple Seed...

    on the other hand, well, you got it for a great price, i love Milla (Jovovich) and the Resident Evil franchise, this one has great details and weapons and you rock man !!! LOL

  3. Aya, yes guess you are right... I don't know much about those weapon stuff LOL

    Chris, all that you mentioned, I understand and I agree with it, that is the very same reason why I don't buy Hot Toys in the past, this is one of those rare cases ^__^

  4. Did I just saw the contour of nipple before Alice put on her coat? Lol...

  5. Dennis, you have a very good eye for hentai hahahaha... indeed it is... spot on, you are a genius...


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