Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hot Toys - Resident Evil After Life 3D - Alice - Part 2 of 4

Direct continuation from Part 1

If you haven't read it already, you can check out the Part 1 (CLICK HERE)

Otherwise, you can proceed as you pleased;

In this part, we will focus on the body and the clothing/uniform;

It is quite impressive that they can copy the actual clothing/uniform that we saw on the movie, OK maybe now 100% perfect but I guess you can't do any better than this anyway...

The mixture of materials within that apparel is jubilant;

The attention to details is impressive.... that is why we have to pay such a premium price....

And finally now... this is the issue that I have with this figure... I personally feel that the ass is a little too big than it should be....

With such chubby ass.... it's like make me thinking that Alice is just a typical normal woman who just sit at home and watch MTV while eating vegetable salad....

I don't actually really observe the ass of Alice in the movie, how big or how small it was, but when it comes to figure and proportion issue, I just feel that the ass is slightly a little big to my liking... in a way, this reminded me of that S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Faiz that we reviewed here last time.... the same a little too big ass issue LOL...

It's not really a big problem though, probably I observed and think a little too much... the pervert Woody certainly love it LOL;

Moving on to the legs and the shoes, not much more I can say, it is quite great;

And we come to that articulation point segment and this is quite tricky.... Hot Toys figures does have decent articulation and pivot points for simple and basic action pose although this is also depending on the individual design of each figure/character.

However, you can't expect them to be like those action figures from Figma or Revoltech or S.H. Figuarts.... that is totally a different price points although they certainly offer a higher degree of articulation fun.

The joint of Hot Toys figures are more or less like many other figures that you have seen in the market, just maybe different size, but then again, same same but different. Hot Toys never promised wonderful action pose and dynamic articulation like many other action figures (usually smaller size) but they promised extremely better details and materials, simple as that.

Thus, the usual kneeling pose that we do for almost all of figure review cannot be done on this Alice, this is the best we could get;

Anyhow, no complain about it from me, I do know a little bit about this thing on Hot Toys figures and I never expect any miracle on this articulation segment. I am happy still.....

They said, just like camera - no camera is perfect and similarly no action figures is perfect either, there is always something for us to like or dislike....

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