1/43 Nissan R35 & PGC10 GT-R Set from Bandai - Part 3 of 3

We have previewed the the runners of this model kit and finally today we will review the completed model.

If you haven't read the preview article, visit the link below;


This is the review of the completed plastic model kit for the popular Nissan GT-R (R35) from the big brother - Bandai ^__^

Assembly works will take about within 1 hour or lesser depending on your own personal speed and skills.

The Nissan GT-R is a sports car produced by Nissan released in Japan on December 6, 2007 and then in the United States on July 4, 2008, and the rest of the world in March 2009.

Bandai made this special "twin pack kit" to celebrates the GT-R phenomenon with a 1970 PGC10 Skyline GT-R and the monstrous 2007 R35 GT-R, that is a long period of continuous success and lots of changes within Nissan.

1/43 Nissan R35 & PGC10 GT-R Set
Code: BAN956623 Series: 1/43 Scale Model (Bandai)

The external detailing and the overall finishing is quite good. Bandai managed to replicate almost everything that you can see about this car - from the outside at least.

The interior detailing are pretty impressive as well. At least till this day, I still don't have the chance to seat inside this speed monster but judging from what I can see thru YouTube video and pictures from internet as well as from the manual of this plamokit, I believe Bandai have done their best to make everything to at least look the way it should be.

All the interior part comes in black color but I painted the front seat with red color.... for fun sake ^__^

Bandai also gave impressive amount of details on the suspension and underside parts though from the picture below you wont see much but if you assemble this model kit, you will understand what I mean.

As a bonus, Bandai gave this nice display base with the car name printed on it;

Side by side - Nissan R35 (2007) and Nissan PGC10 GT-R (1970) - the new and the old;


You can read the review of the old model from the link below;


Looks gorgeous on their display base;

Overall, this is a fun plastic model kit from Bandai. Not a drop of glue required and best of all, you don't have to worry about painting (though if you insist, then it's up to you). I guess a fan of Nissan GT-R and car plastic model kit would love this item very much.

If you can get it at a discounted price, think no more.... just grab them.... ^__^



  1. Great considering they not those expensive die-cast ^^


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