1/43 Nissan R35 & PGC10 GT-R Set from Bandai - Part 2 of 3

We have previewed the the runners of this model kit and finally today we will review the completed model.

If you haven't read the preview article, visit the link below;


This is the review of the completed plastic model kit for Nissan GT-R (PGC10) year 1969 from the big brother - Bandai ^__^

Assembly works will take about within 1 hour or lesser depending on your own personal speed and skills.

I often watch Japanese Adult Video while building plamokit so sometimes I do get some unexpected delay LOL....

Nonetheless, let's have a look at this car;

As the product information in the manual are all in Japanese, I finally learned that we can actually choose to build 2 type of model based on year - 1969 and 1970.

Apparently there are few minor differences between 1969 and 1970 models. There are quit minor but for those who knew the car, they can spot it easily.... I my self never have the chance to see this car up close and personal till after I build this kit.

One of the differences between 1969 and 1970 models is the grill part where they attached those head lamps (or what ever you call those part, I don't give a fucking damn anyway).

Look at the picture below, the car is model 1969 and that's how it looks like and if you want to build the model 1970, you need to attached the other part that I put on the white floor underneath the car.

Can you see the differences now? I was a bit confuse about it when I do the assembly and it takes me a while to understand why the heck they give 2 units of that front grill part.

Another differences is the side mirror.

Model 1969 use black color while model 1970 use chrome color. Bandai are generous enough to give you the extra parts so that you can choose which model you want or swap them when ever you want. I stick with the model 1969 as I planned to get another set of this car ^__^

Other than that all the same. Now let's look at other parts of the car closely;

Oh yeah, talking about the wheels, the generous Bandai gave you 2 set of wheels so you can choose what you like and I choose the classic design instead for this model 1969.

The interior is quite fantastic for a model at this scale and especially knowing that this model is from Bandai - car kits is never their main business.

In my opinion, Bandai did a marvelous job with all the interior and dashboard panel detailing of the car, it's just brilliant, absolutely brilliant. For those perfectionist pro, maybe they can and will put extra amount of works on improving the interior detailing. If I get another one of this kit, I also wanted to do some extra works on the interior, maybe change the color a bit, this and that ^__^

Another great surprise from Bandai is that they give quite a good deal of detailing on the under engine and suspension part of this car which is amazing.

It's hard to see it from these pictures but if you working on this car, you will know what I mean.

Maybe if I get another unit of this car, I may or may not wanted to do some painting works on the body as well... but as it is, the original color scheme from Bandai is quite OK.

Least but not last LOL..... should be last but not least, Bandai also gave this nice display base with the car name printed on it.

This model kit was originally released way back in 2008 and the retail price is 4,000 yen (about SGD 68.00 / USD 53.00) before adding shipment charges.

However, currently (as at the day of this review) this item are available from HLJ at a miraculous low price of 1,200 yen (about SGD 21.00 / USD 16.00) before adding shipment charges. That is 70% discount and a totally great value for your money (if you love car model kit or if you love the Nissan car that is)

1/43 Nissan R35 & PGC10 GT-R Set
Code: BAN956623 Series: 1/43 Scale Model (Bandai)

We've got this item at around SGD 35.00 including shipment and still I would say this is absolutely fantastic. I love every bits of it, the box/packaging is nice, this model is easy and a whole lot fun to build and the extra display base with the car name printed on it is a welcome bonus. I think this is easily one of those best products ever produced by Bandai and if I were to pay full price of it, I guess I certainly will and no complain about it. Well done Bandai, you are certainly our "big brother" LOL.....



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