1/43 Nissan R35 & PGC10 GT-R Set from Bandai - Part 1 of 3

This is a set of easy-to-assemble prepainted "1/43 GT-R kits" No glue needed! Just like thos easy GunPlaMoKit! Smashing!!!

This pairing celebrates the GT-R phenomenon with a 1970 PGC10 Skyline GT-R and the monstrous 2007 R35 GT-R. Great detail, with no hassle!

The original retail price of this item is 4,000 yen (about SGD 68.00 / USD 53.00 before adding shipment charges but we grabbed it at a discounted price of SGD 35.00 including shipment as this item is currently under "Clearance Sale" in HLJ.

1/43 Nissan R35 & PGC10 GT-R Set
Code: BAN956623 Series: 1/43 Scale Model (Bandai)

This is not yet the review but rather a sneak peek or a "preview" LOL ^___^

The box;

Out of the box and still in plastics packaging;

So first we will look at the Nissan GT-R (R35) components and parts;

I will surely paint do a little bit of painting for this brake rotor parts;

And this is quite interesting, 2 pairs of tires but just 1 single unit of wheel..... mmm... I wonder why is that ^___^

And next, the classic Nissan PGC10 GT-R parts;

Again, I will surely paint this part - the disk rotor;

For the classic model, Bandai gave 2 set of tires and 2 set of wheels.... I will paint one of the wheels into silver;

The manual, the booklet or the guide... what ever you like to call it;

Bandai are quite expert with this snap fit thingy.... they did it exactly just like those GunPlaMoKit....

Some nice pictures of the 2 car models and also some information about it in Japanese are provided in the manual;

And these are the parts that I insist to do painting on it... and this is the result;

For the R35;

For the PGC10;

And now it's time to assemble it... we will upload the completed models as soon as we are done with it ^__^ Stay tuned to Shewsbury Land.



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