AOYI MECH - Sai Star Commander

This is the review of the Sai Star Commander which is the knock off copy of Optimus Prime (Studio Series Optimus Prime from Bumblebee film) produced by AOYI MECH from China. Looking from the box you might think this is one of those bad China made copies of Optimus Prime for kids but when you actually open it up and take out the figure, you will be surprised with the high level of accuracy (or rather similarity) if compared to the original version produced by Hasbro.
As usual, first thing first, the box:

Out of the box and you will get all these stuff:

And now let's have a look at the figure:

A little bit of close up to see the detailing and I think they look exactly the same as those from Hasbro:

Articulation wise, this figure is as good as the original and basically we can do the usual kneeling pose and that also means you can do plenty of other action pose you can think off:

This is the weapon, the one and only you get:

And some action pose with the weapon:

Just to add some fun, I use some swords from other toys and I think this Optimus looks good with the sword:

Maybe 2 sword is better than 1:

Another just for fun thing - we do side by side comparison with the "KU BIAN BAO MCS-01 KBB MP10-V OPTIMUS PRIME":

In case if you're wondering, the size of the figure is basically around the modern Voyager Class of Hasbro:

This is how it looks like in vehicle mode or trailer truck mode:

Again another side by side comparison with the KBB and one thing that I noted is that even though the KBB looks slightly bigger in robot mode but when they both transformed into the vehicle mode, they look more or less the same (in size):

I think since it's fun to display them both together this way, the AOYI in robot mode while the KBB in vehicle mode:

Overall, considering the cheap price of SGD 17.00 (about USD 12.20 / EUR 10.80 / JPY 1,300) this is indeed a very good action figure/toys of Optimus Prime and I think this is a very accurate copy of the original from Hasbro and I'm happy with it and I think if any of you who don't mind to get the so called good knock off toys/action figure into your collection, you can't go wrong with this. I have no problem about the missing autobot transformer logo which you should get when you buy the original from Hasbro. With or without the logo, however way you look at this figure - it is Optimus Prime - most kids knew his his name. The painting finishing and the plastic quality is not bad and I think I have no issue. I can't compare it to the original from Hasbro because I don't have one but as it is, I think it's a good plastic, feel pretty solid and I have no complain.



  1. I can see by your publication that actually the concept and execution of Knock-offs has evolved quite a bit over time. I remember some 20 or 25 years ago, this kind of not-licensed toys were poorly made and finishes left much to be desired, not to mention the materials were cheaper, even the work on packaging was awful and as kid you hardly would choose this Knock-off over the original version of the toy, but you know, budget constrains affect all of us or to our parents every know and then so, sometimes they were the only affordable option... This version of Optimus Prime is really good, I have not seen either the original Hasbro version, but in robot mode the level of detail and paint job are great, so much that you really don’t miss the Autobot insignia here and there. However, the brand AOYI is not one of which I had heard of before...

  2. Yeah the box not convincing, seems most knock off have the the autobot/decepticon logo omitted


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