Ku Bian Bao Master Classical Series - MCS-01 KBB MP10-V Optimus Prime

This is the review of Ku Bian Bao (or KuBianBao or simply KBB) Master Classical Series - MCS-01 KBBMP10-V Optimus Prime or another way to call it is a Chinese Knock Off of Takara Tomy MP-10 in Voyager class size (about 6-7 inches tall) and it's quite a fun toys and I love it...

We bought this from a local online store for just USD 29.35 (about SGD 40.00 / EUR 26.11 / GBP 22.55 / JPY 3,263 ). The is the link = https://shopee.com.my/product/88485339/1654289553.

Millions of units sold worldwide and after viewing several video reviews about it in YouTube, I decided to join the fun and grab this item.

Nonetheless, let's get started, first thing first, the box:

For such price I personally think that the packaging and box material quality as well the box art is quite impressive.


As you can see from the bottom left of the box picture below, those 8 parts are made of die-cast (alloy).

And now, out of the box:

Like any other "transformers toys", they supplied a decent manual:

And these are all the items fresh out of the box/packaging, you get Optimus in vehicle mode (trailer head), 3 optional heads, the axe that comes in orange plastic parts, a sword, the typical buster rifle for Optimus (though the size is quite small), a pistol and some sort of jet back pack: 

Now let's have a look at Optimus Prime in his vehicle mode, the trailer head:

As a side note, on the picture below I detected some annoying QC issues, that thing is not perfect but then again it's not totally terrible. Other than this, I don't see any other QC issues on this product.

Apart from the problem I mentioned above, overall, the vehicle mode is quite decent and quite similar to the TAKARA TOMY TRANSFORMERS MP-10 CONVOY which is the based of this knock-off version.

The transformation process and/or methodology from the vehicle mode to the robot mode is more or less the same as the MP-10 Convoy mentioned above with just a couple of minor modification

Anyway, now let's have a look at the robot mode:

Just like the original MP version, the fingers are articulated:

Articulation point for the figure (robot mode) are consistent with the original version. Nothing groundbreaking, nothing terrible either - it works fine as it should be.

The die-cast (alloy) parts made this figure feel quite heavy - certainly heavier than any other original Transformers figures Hasbro/Takara Tomy at the same size (Voyager Class - about 6-7 inches tall).

And now, those weapons and accessories, first up is this buster rifle or whatever you want to call it. I personally feel it's kind of too small in size and doesn't look convincing considering the size of this particular Optimus. I think it would be perfect if it's slightly bigger but then again, as it is, this is what you get for what you paid for:

Despite the diminutive size, the rifle still comes with basic transformation function:

And just like the original MP-10, you can store the rifle at the back of Optimus like this:

The next weapon is the axe that comes with a brilliant orange colored plastic parts, no complain from me on this one, it looks great and can be attached to the hand easily.

And you also get that pistol, not my favorite but then again that pistol is 100% die-cast (alloy) it has some weight on it.

Lastly, the sword which is also 100% die-cast, looks and feel solid with some weight but also not my favorite, I would prefer if the sword could be a little bit longer than this but then again that is just my personal preference.

And as an additional bonus, you also got this jet back-pack or whatever it is:

Attaching them onto the back of Optimus is as easy as it looks:

I like this jet back-pack or whatever it is but I have one complain about it which is the thruster color (clear plastic parts that made it look like some sort of glass). I would prefer if it comes with the same color of the back-pack body which is grey.

This is how Optimus looks like from the front after you attached those jet back-pack:

And eventually, to satisfy my desire, I really painted those thrusters using a silver colored marker pen and then I put a bit of top coat spray on it and this is the result:

I think they look much better now:

This Optimus also comes with that "Matrix of Lesbianship" thingy and just like the original, it is stored right on his chest:

The 3 optional heads are self-explanatory - basically, you can use whatever head/face that you like the most amongst the 4 of them but I personally prefer the original G1 look design. There is a screw right behind the head and it's pretty easy to remove/replace the heads accordingly.

The picture below shows how the figure looks like with each of the head/face design (basically the same it's just the head/face are totally different). It's up to you to choose which one suits your taste:

And now it's time to have a little bit of fun with weapons from Strike Gundam:

And oh... Just for fun sake, I have some crazy idea about those spare heads/faces - behold the 3 headed Optimus Primus - Defender and Proctector of Lesbianisme againsts the tyranny of Megatronius and the Decepticonius:

This looks pretty weird symbolising a bad-ass Optimus Primus - depending on his mood, he can just switch his head to intimidate you LOL:

Side by side with the Voyager Class Soundwave from Fall of Cybertron

Overall, this is a very fun action figure and toy representing the popular Optimus Prime from Transformer series in which the toys/action figures are commonly produced by Hasbro and Takara Tomy. Despite the fact that there is no Autobots logo on the shoulder many children, fans and collectors can easily identify this as Optimus Prime, no doubt about it. For a Chinese Knock-Off, this item is excellent and despite the QC issues I highlighted above, I'm still happy with the rest of this product. Ku Bian Bao (or KuBianBao or simply KBB) have done a tremendous job copying the original and scale down the size and yet give plenty of additional accessories and weapons which increase the play value of this figure. 

Copyright issues aside, I have to say that KBB deserves my praise on this one and I really hope and pray that someday KBB will produce the MP-13 Soundwave in this particular size - I will certainly buy it. 

I believe if Hasbro/Takara Tomy produce die-casted Transformers figures for their Voyager Class segment while maintaining a decent price - many of the fans and collectors alike would not hesitate to buy though it is unlikely to happen because Hasbro/Tomy wants better and bigger profit - simple as that.

Anyway, back to this Optimus Prime, it is a fun action figure with good quality and decent extra weapons and accessories and in my opinion this is a very good value for the money we paid. This is simply one of the best transformable Optimus Prime figure in Voyager Class size (about 6-7 inches tall). Highly and sincerely recommended to those who still thinking and/or undecided about it.

Talking about expansion, the trailer is also available from the link below:


I personally don't fancy the features from the trailer (same opinion for the original MP-10 Convoy) simply because it doesn't combined with Optimus to become a more bigger/powerful version but rather it only serves as container for what ever those additional machinery and vehicle provided and other than that it become like some sort of service/repair bay for Optimus. The only thing that I actually love the most is the small human figure which I can put into the driver seat of this Optimus in his vehicle mode (or maybe also in some other Transformers toys with adequate space for driver/pilot). So at the moment I'm not really in the rush to get it, just keep it in my wish list.



  1. For the size and the price, I think its worth the money if you have the space. The head i find could be better.

  2. I used to have my prejudices about bootlegs and unlicensed copies of renowned brands, but now I’m much more open minded... In fact, I got long ago a pair of Transformers developed by a third party company and I love them... By the few pictures I could see (Blogger is messing around) I can say it’s product with very good quality and presence... The prices for the official collectibles made by Hasbro and/or Takara can be prohibitive most times...

  3. Knock off or not, this looks really cool. The weapon can be kept and full of accessories too! From different heads and the matrix!

  4. oh a smaller version of Optimus Masterpiece, well what bother me is such price for a knock off is expensive XD it's as much as hasbro voyager in retail XD
    well but looks really promising =) not as bad as cheap bootlegs


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