Takara Tomy Transformers MP-10 Convoy (Part 1of 2)

This is Transformers MP-10 Cybertron Commander Convoy or also known as Optimus Prime produced by Takara Tomy of Japan.
An all-new mold at a smaller scale than the MP-01 and MP-04 (and their variants). Convoy is approximately the same height as Rodimus Convoy in robot mode, more streamlined and less bulky - with the vehicle mode looking more like a real semi-trailer truck than the first Masterpiece figure. Convoy comes with his trailer, Ion Blaster (which folds and stores into a compartment in his back), a Roller unit and a Spike Witwicky mini figure. As with other toy incarnations of this character, the trailer opens to form a command center or a repair bay and can hold one Deluxe Class or Alternity vehicle. This particular model was released in September 2011.

I'm a fan of Transformers though I'm not really a hardcore fans who know many things about the series but I do like some of their those because they just simply awesome.

I had this one from HLJ since middle of last year but I just leave it in the box unopened and finally last week I decided to take it out from the box, do the review and later display it on my shelf and boy I never regret having this MP-10.

The price I paid for this is SGD 330.00 (about USD 266.00 / EUR 203.00 / 25,345 Yen)

So here we go.....

The box;

Out of the box:

So what I did for this review is, I first transformed the Convoy into vehicle mode first (or rather trailer truck mode) and then later in the second part of the review we will look at the robot mode;

I love the fact that they give 1 tiny human figure (which they call "Spike") and to make it even more better, we can put that figure inside the truck as if he is driving it - very cool!!!

Comes with rubber tires and great looking wheels;

The trailer part have this stand so you that when you detached the truck the trailer can still stand on it's own;

We can also open the door at the back;

And lay down that thingy;

So that this "Roller" can go inside;

Let's have a close up look at the "Roller";

And this is the human figure - "Spike Witwicky" - for it's size I think the detailing is decent and he have the articulation point that is enough to make him sit and "drive" or "handle" all the vehicles within this MP-10;

Here he is now driving the Roller;

The trailer opens to form a command center or a repair bay and can hold one Deluxe Class or Alternity vehicle.

The interior sculpt detailing is pretty good indeed;

So this is now the "command center";

You can use the human figure to be here and there handling all those computers or what ever;

And let's go back to the "Roller" again, this tiny vehicle apparently can be used to pull the long trailer;

This is how it looks like - pretty funny or unreal - but what the heck, this is a toy and I think it's cool;




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