Takara Tomy Transformers MP-10 Convoy (Part 2 of 2)

This is a direct continuation from Part 1 which you can read from the link below:


So now let's have a look at the robot mode and frankly speaking if by just using the manual I believe I will certainly fail in transforming this figure but thanks to many of those YouTube videos, I can now easily transform any Transformers toys easily  ^__^

OK, let's have a look at the robot mode of Optimus Prime;

A little bit of close up look to observe all those nice detailing all over;

Articulation is pretty good for the robot mode, I somehow can still do this kneeling pose, not perfect but I think it's not bad either;

Let's do a little bit of action pose;

The blaster pistol is stored inside the compartment at his back - something like this;


Even the blaster pistol have a little bit of "transformation gimmick" which is cool;

So now Optimus Prime have the gun and he can start shooting around LOL;

Takara Tomy also gave this "Energy Axe" which I don't like at all but for those who love it - it's included in the package;

And now let's transform the trailer into a repair bay - easy actually just pose it vertically and that's it;

And this is it - the repair bay;

Last but not least, the "Matrix" of leadership inside the chest of Optimus Prime;

You can take it out of course;

The "Matrix" of leadership is made of die cast and quite "heavy" for it's size and it feel so solid when you hold it . The detailing is again pretty nice.

So there you are - I have tried to make the review as simple as I can and I hope you enjoy it.

Overall, this is indeed one insanely detailed action figure or toys in every way, from the vehicle mode to the robot mode and all the way to all the features and gimmick, everything is absolutely brilliant. Takara Tomy have improved on everything in updating the Master Piece of Convoy or Optimus Prime. Many fans or collectors complained about the smaller size in this update but I think Takara Tomy have responded that "less can mean quite a bit more". The painting job and sculpt detailing is brilliant. The transformation process is not overly complicated even for a novice like me. The articulation is very good and I'm pretty happy with it.

My only complain is on the eye part, it would be better if they use a more lighter blue color like that sky color to make the Optimus Prime "alive". I've seen the Hasbro version and they used that particular color and that small changes is indeed wonderful. Probably I will just do the painting my self later in the future.

So this MP-10 may not be "perfect" but for me personally this is already great enough and maybe my only wishlist on improvement, apart from the eyes, is that if we can get more than 1 human figure - say 3 or 4 maybe so that we can allocated them to handle those "command center mode"....



  1. this is a superb figure man !!! very expensive for my taste, but i think it’s worth... i had the pleasure to see in person the MP-1 and yeah, this one looks more like a real truck (in vehicle mode) and it comes super stuffed with accessories... i remember that the Matrix in the MP-1 had light, is the same case with this one ???... i agree that the "black eyes" don’t look right in this Optimus, probably in a Nemesis Prime would look better, but the rest is just astonishing !!!... =)

  2. awesome masterpiece Optimus prime, I looking for the Hasbro version last year since it's much cheaper but they sold out very fast >_<

    1. Aya we don't have the Hasbro version in here, the closest we can get for the Hasbro version is the "Toy's R Us Exclusive" which is from Hasbro, I believe it is the same but after I got this Takara Tomy version, I guess there is no point to get the Hasbro version any longer as they are identical with some very minor (but important) changes or improvement.... unless of coz if I suddenly win some free money from lottery or lucky draw or something like that LOL LOL LOL....

  3. I like this! It's some anime correct of Prime in G1! Good gimmicks there and fun accessories! It's a great catch!


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