Painting the eyes of Takara Tomy MP-10 Convoy

In my review of this Takara Tomy Transformers MP-10 Convoy last time, I did mentioned that it would be better if the eyes comes with a much lighter blue color - you can check out the review from the link below;

Thus recently I decided to do a simple quick and fun project - painting the eyes of this Convoy, so this is it now;

First thing first, you need to removed the 2 screws from the back of the head;

Its not really difficult though, just a bit of this and that, something like when you do that Gundam model kits and after a while you should be able to see all these and then you need to pick up the eyes part;

Yup this is the one;

I just go for a cheap solution and thus I use this cheap metal acrylic spray paint;

I did the spray works, doesn't take long for such a small parts and this is the final result - The Optimus Prime or the Convoy now looks pretty much "alive";

A little bit of outdoor photoshot outside the house;

It's a simple but important touch up especially if you really want your Convoy's eyes to be in that color - it's all about personal taste but if you think McDonald's Big Mac Burger is better than any of those from Burger King then I guess you should have no problem to proceed with this little touch up...



  1. Great mod and it does the job. Great seaside too.

  2. a bit of touch up and a noticeable improvement !!!... by the way, that white house in the background is yours ??? it looks fabulous !!! for a farmer is quite a house !!! LOL XD

  3. Just wanted to say "thanks" for posting this mod to your MP-10. Gave me the confidence to work on mine!

  4. he should have painted the eyes yellow like how they were on the g1 toy and the transformers marvel comics


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