Hot Toys DX06 - Jack Sparrow Part 1 of 2

First thing first, before we start, I would like to mentioned that due to my laziness during this Christmas holiday season, I did not put our usual Shewsbury Land logo on any of the pictures in this review... in the spirit of Christmas, I just say; "what the heck, let it be"... maybe some of you can make use some of this picture as your desktop wallpaper LOL.... furthermore, since this is our first ever Hot Toys DX, so I think it's OK to let it be so for now, something different than usual LOL...

This is a 1/6th scale figure of Captain Jack Sparrow from the movie "On Strangers Tide".

This Hot Toys DX series is slightly more expensive than the usual Hot Toys figure and as it seems to be, this Jack Sparrow is now the most expensive toy items in Shewsbury Land. Anyway, since I like Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow a lot, so I guess its worth to get this.

So, let us keep it brief and simple.... the Shewsbury Style...

The box/packaging:

Out of the box/packaging:

As usual, let's have a look at the figure:

A little bit of close up look to see the face sculpt and detailing;

I personally think that the face sculpt quality and detailing is brilliant.

This Hot Toys DX model is equipped with this PERS (Parallel Eyeball Rolling System) - basically with this PERS you can adjust the eyeball of the figure as you pleased:

Something like this (look at those eyeball):

Some accessories of Jack Sparrow, look simple and yet quite astonishing:

The compass, you can still open it up and see the inside:

The lovely bottles - one of them have a ship inside it, just like in the movie and we also get the classical binoculars:

 The extra hands and all the weapons - 2 guns and 1 sword:




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