Hot Toys DX06 - Jack Sparrow Part 2 of 2

This is a direct continuation from PART 1 which you can read from the link below:

Let's have a close look on the extra hands:

Those rings look pretty neat:

And the guns are as good as it gets - for figure at this scale and price:

Let's have a look at this Jack Sparrow with all the accessories and weapons attached to him:

OK, now it's posing time.....

Now, let's have a look at the other items included with this Hot Toys DX model - this thing the ship steering wheel or rather just "wheel" or "helm" and also the cardboard paper display base replicating the ship's wooden floor:

Assembly is pretty easy:

This is it:

Now let's pose the Jack Sparrow with the "helm"....

Other than than, we also get this typical Hot Toys display stand and a nice name plate of the movie title "Pirates of Caribbean - On Strangers Tide"

At the end, this is how I intend to display Captain Jack Sparrow:

The additional Chivas and Martell in mini bottle complements the whole package:

 I guess adding a Coke wont harm LOL....

In fact we also get these items, looks like a set of flag and its pole but I don't bother to touch them as I'm quite pleased with what ever I've got so far....

Overall, this is one of the best figure I've seen so far and certainly at the moment this is the most expensive figure in Shewsbury Land. I paid SGD 350 (about USD 287 / EUR 218 / 24,700 Yen) for this and I think it worth every single dollar on it - plus I heard from others that the value for this item will increase further in the future so if in case I wanted to sell it again, I could make some decent profit out of it - but then again, that is "maybe" - I personally love this one so much and I don't foresee the idea of selling it to anybody in the near future ^__^

The face sculpt and painting finishing is highly astonishing, Hot Toys did a great job on it. The clothing is basically the same as what we can see from the movie, I'm not really sure if they are all 100% accurate but from my naked eye, I believe it is quite accurate and I'm impressed.

The mini little accessories and stuff like the bottles are impressive and I have nothing but praise to Hot Toys. The "wheel" or the "helm" coupled with the ship's floor as display base is indeed a brilliant addition to the package while the flag and pole are nice bonus items.

If you love Jack Sparrow and if you willing to swallow the price, then I guess you would want to get this item though obviously the main concern here is indeed the price. However, if money is really an issue, I would recommended that you try Revoltech Jack Sparrow, see our review from the link below:

This is our first ever Hot Toys DX 1/6th scale figure and all I can say is - incredible!!!!!



  1. you rich uncle john,
    the grinning face is awesome


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