1/144 HGUC Operation Capture of Jaburo - Char's Zgok

Finally now from the special 3 units in 1 box " Operation Capture of Jaburo" - the Char's Zgok, I prefer to call him as "pinky" instead LOL....

You can read the review for the first 2 units from the links below:


Again, this Zgok is built Jenny who alongside her twin sister Jenifer have build quite a number of GunPlaMoKit in Shewsbury Land. Many thanks and love to them both.... mmmmuaaahhhhhhhh!!!

Let's have a look on this Zgok;

A little bit of close up look:

Articulation is not bad for a fat fucker like this Zgok LOL.... the usual kneeling pose is not a problem at all;

And of coz we can do lots of action pose and have fun with this Zgok;

Victory pose LOL....

With the rest of his grunts, the Acguy and the Gogg;

Obviously as you can see from the picture below, they don't like the Gundam.... LOL....

Overall, this Zgok is another fun creature with great articulation capability. As far as GunPlaMoKit concern, all 3 of them are pretty easy to built, not a drop of glue required - all is snap fit - typical from Bandai. If you like MS from Zeon and if you happen to collect the 1/144 scale, I guess you can consider this special box set of 3 in 1.



  1. Gundam will have a tough dealing with these claw melee Zeon MS especially facing Char. You really make full use of all the decals including the Bandai logo bro. Lolz...


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