1/144 HGUC Operation Capture of Jaburo - Panasonic Nismo Acguy

This is a special box set of 3 kits in 1 box of "HGUC Operation Capture of Jaburo" which contained 3 unit of "Amphibious Mobile Suite" from Principality of Zeon, namely Acguy, Char's Zgok and Gogg. Apparently, I love Acguy the most of the 3.

Not many believe that these 3 MS appear in the popular movie "The trisome orgy trilogy Batman, Spiderman and Catwoman" and as dubious as it may sound but that is not point at all. The most important part is in fact this is the first completed GunPlaMoKit review to appear here in Shewsbury Land after about 1 and a half year. We've abandoned this hobby for quite some time and out of the blue, when we saw this box set available on the local store, we just grabbed it for the sake of wanna feel that long lost feeling of working with plamo and so far the feeling is the same, I still didn't enjoy this hobby anymore, it's awful, boring, time wasting bla bla bla, ba... in short it's no longer my cup of tea.

Yes I do like Gundam and all the anime and especially the completed action figures series like those from GFF, Robot Tamashii and what ever, but spending time on GunPlaMoKit is no longer something that excites me.

Nonetheless, the only thing that help me go thru with this project is my Zeonist spirit. I believe and I like the ideology of Zeonist told by Char Aznable. I believe that Zeonist deserve to get their independence and freedom from the corrupted fat bastard politician of Earth Federation.

All the runners;

I love the manual that comes with lovely pictures and lots of information in Japanese which I don't understand a shit about but who cares, they are nice!!!!

I would love to have 4 Acguy or maybe more......

So after several hours, this is the final result, admittedly it's not my best work but I guess I have to be satisfied with it.... ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Zeonist, introducing the powerful "Panasonic Nismo Acguy".... LOL

Despite the gorgeous looks and the mostly rounded shape form here and there, the articulation is for this Acguy is quite good, he can still do this kneeling pose;

As well as many other gorgeous action pose;

A little bit of close up to see the decals and markings - and oh, this special box set comes with water slide decals and not the regular sticker which indeed is lovely;

Side by side with the 1/144 GFF Gundam (RX-78-2);

The merciless "Jackie Chan Claws Attack";

The powerful "Ronald McDonald Kick";

A sweet victorious pose.... Sieg Zeon!!! Sieg Zeon!!! Sieg Zeon!!!....

Side by side with the forever young "Bearguy";

The intimidating and yet sex orientated pose of the legendary Wong Fei Hong;

Overall, this is a decent HGUC kit at 1/144 scale, typical of any Zeon kits, they are rock!!! and much easier if compared to those bastard Earth Federation Gundam kits. I always thought that Acguy is a gorgeous mecha and that never change. This Acguy wont win any beauty contest but when it comes to double cheese burger and fried chicken, he is second to none. According to Katoki Hajime, only intelligent people could appreciate the beauty of Zeon Mobile Suits while most of the average minded people will only like those Gundam.



  1. Hard to believe that you stopping Gunpla..ing so... long. Well, I guess people move on from hobby as it progress. I'm the lazy type so I buy and keep kits a long time before working to him. Once started, the commitment would be imposed. Not your best work but still very decent to me, in fact nice! Great review and pics! Like the injection of Gundam and Bearguy!

  2. i must be one of those not-intelligent people out there because i hardly like 2 or 3 mechas from the ZEON faction, but seriously i prefer that way =PPPPP... i don’t know why Acguy reminds me a lot a fat mechanic LOL ???... oh, now i know, he works for Nismo HAHAHAHA (just joking =P)... well, i like some fat robots but they’re from the Super Robot Wars game and/or Armored Core... =)


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