1/144 HGUC Operation Capture of Jaburo - Gogg

5 months after we upload the review for the Acguy (see the link below), finally, the assembly work for the other 2 units from this special 3 units in 1 box set is completed. Thanks to our beloved Jenny Tan for doing all the hard work for me - I only assembled the Acguy while the Goog and Zgok is done by Jenny though the final finishing work like additional sticker and top coating is done by me.

So, let's have a look at this Goog:

A little bit of close up look on the Gogg:

Articulation is pretty good for this Gogg. The usual kneeling pose is not a problem at all...

Subsequently, other action pose is not a problem as well, you will get lots of fun with this Gogg:

One of the most prominent feature of this Gogg is the articulated individual fingers on the hands - all of them;

 The rock sign...

The world's most familiar middle finger sign which means "peace".... LOL....


I guess this 2 fingers sign also means "peace" - usually people always use them for posing for photograph;

Overall, this Gogg is quite brilliant and surely fun for an underwater mobile suit unit. I always love the Zeon's mobile suit especially those with "mono eyes" coz they simply cool as ice. Whenever I look at this Gogg, I always think off Cadbury Hazel Nut chocolate bar LOL.....



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