Maisto Custom Shop - Volkswagen Van Samba (Pink)

This is another lovely die cast scale model of "Samba" produced by Maisto under their "Maisto Custom Shop" series. Despite being classic, this van always looks gorgeous to me and the pink color scheme increase the gorgeous aura of this van.

The box/packaging style from Maisto this time around is quite different than the usual;

And now, out of the packaging, let's have a look at this van;

Painting finishing is good. I really love the pink color scheme on this one. Interior detailing is good as well. The wheels looks exciting and Maisto also give rubber tire treatment on this Samba which is nice;

As an added bonus, we get the openable engine hood at the rear here and we can see some engine detailing which is amazing at this scale;

Overall, this is a gorgeous Samba from Maisto and a fan like me would surely find this die cast scale model as exciting. Theme color selection, painting finishing, interior and exterior detailing are all good and the engine is an added bonus. Not much more to say, I just love it!!!!!

Side by side with the other "Samba" that I customized in the past, you can read the review for that one from the links below;



  1. you already know my opinion about Maisto, but i most confess this time is different... i’m a Volkswagen Samba/Bus lover and i managed to get some pieces of this beauty (i cannot as much as i want, since this model is very expensive in most of the cases/brands)... the casting here is nice, the color scheme is superb, the detailed engine is a curiosity, the wheels design is great and with a better paint job this model would be close to perfection... i guess you will not customize this one, right ???

  2. Chris - you are indeed smarter than Pablo Escobar LOL, yes you are PERFECTLY correct - I don't intend to customized this one, I love the pink color scheme as it is....

  3. This bus is sooo cute! Must be the colour! The bonnet and engine compartment at the rear is a sweet touch too!


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