Volskwagen Van Samba Shewsbury Custom

This is the Volkswagen Van Samba Shewsbury Custom with Zeonist flavor on it. For this Samba, we decided to choose this maroon color as a tribute to that popular band "Maroon 5" and of course the Zeon decals are tributes to our Zeonist ideology.... Sieg Zeon, Sieg Zeon...

Surely as I mentioned in the initial review of this Samba, I don't fancy the "police theme" on this van and thus customization project is expected, in fact that's what I had in mind when I grabbed this item in the first place.

You can read the review here:


This is the original look of this Samba;

And this is the new look after our customization project;

Eventually we've been trying several other color before finally settle down with this maroon. We started with red and then silver, followed by yellow before we changed it again to black and last but not least, finally, we settled down with maroon.

We did not do any changes on the interior as we believed that the interior details are quite good already.

No changes what so ever inside....

Perhaps the biggest changes apart from the painting is this sun roof. Eventually I was waiting for my friend who supposed to give me some small pieces of those "pla plates" but while waiting for him, I suddenly decided to do some experiment with my random idea that appear in my head - sun roof option using the clear plastic from the packaging;

So I do some measurement, cut the plastic and stick it there with the usual white glue and just like that, it works like magic!!!!!

So we now have "sun-roof" and we can easily see the interior detail....

But it's not perfect though, till now I still have no idea on what should I do to cover these holes - last time they attached those police "blue lights" there. So, at the moment I keep the option open and leave it as it is.... in a way it's kind of unique to have mine being customized this way.

Overall, this is another successful project for me. I'm quite happy with the result. The random idea of that "sun-roof" is great for novelty even at my own amateur level. I think I love the Samba even more now..... You may or may not like the end result but at the end it's a matter of personal tast... I don't expect all of you to say that this is "wonderful" or anything flattering or annoying. Most important is, I'm happy with it....



  1. Kool custom! Seig Zeon! Actually, with the red, it will good great with Char insigma - Casval Custom... For a small car, this has got a lot of details!

  2. LOL... don't tell others, but I miss you Queenie, can't wait for you to comeback LOL ^__^


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