1/64 Tamiya Collector's Club - Amemiya Matsumoto-Kiyoshi Aspara RX-7 2003

This is a 1/64 scale die cast car model of "Amemiya Matsumoto-Kiyoshi Aspara RX-7 " from the JGTC 2003, produced by Tamiya (sigh...catch my breathe LOL) - indeed quite long for a racing team's name....

From the very first time when I saw the "Mazda Efini RX-7" (the 3rd generation from the RX-7 series) I always like it.... perhaps its my most favorite car from Mazda. Watching it as one of the heroes in the popular "Initial D" anime makes me love it even more and this particular car is the one I would love the most in yellow color - I just feel that color suits this car perfectly.

I always wanted to have a 1/64 scale RX-7 Efini and finally now I have it... thus I'm extremely happy....

The box/packaging;

Information included in the packaging;

Comes with acrylic display case and mounted on a nice display base with a screw;

Let's have a look at this car;

This car model features openable doors;

And of coz lots of decals - exactly the same as in the real car;

Just like any other car from the similar "1/64 scale Collector's Club" from Tamiya, the attention to details on the decals is magnificent and the finishing is brilliant.

Let's have a look at the interior detailing;

Look at those panels and switches on the dashboard.... brilliant, absolutely brilliant, in my opinion, the interior detailing of this Mazda RX-7 is the best of them all if compared with the previous "Sigma Dunlop Celica" and "Au Cerumo Supra" that we reviewed here recently.

Overall this is an excellent replica in miniature size of "Amemiya Matsumoto-Kiyoshi Aspara RX-7" from the JGTC 2003 season. The yellow color as the base and all those lovely decals is really a brilliant eye candy and surely we love it a lot. I'm happy to skip those RX-7 from Hot Wheels and slowly hunting for this one instead even though it took me some time and luck to finally got it at reasonable price of USD 8.00

Just like the other 2 JGTC 2003 cars, we can easily complains or dislike the fact that the front lights and the rear brake lights are made of typical sticker/decals but then again, though it is something that we cannot miss and ignore it's not really a deal breaker and I think they look quite decent.

I would love to get more cars from this "1/64 scale Tamiya Collector's Club" series but unfortunately it has been discontinued long ago and you can try your luck to find it from one of those online shop around Asia as well as E-Bay.... just "beware of shark" ^__^

All the 3 cars from JGTC 2003 that we reviewed here;

Feel free to visit their review link below;

Sigma Dunlop Celica
Au Cerumo Supra"

I personally feel that the yellow RX-7 seems to be the most outstanding of them 3 when it comes to "looks" - it's a matter of personal taste though....



  1. looks really good this Mazda RX-7, also the motley deco and the white wheels... uhmmm i had not seen the Celica and in matter of tastes i like it the most... the price is really affordable, good for you because i think i would have to pay almost the double for the same item here... the only affordable diecast available are the regular Hot Wheels whose cost is around US$2,50... other lines or brands start in US$4,00 and reach up to US$30,00 each one or even more, in scale 1:64 of course...

    actually in my case, to collect diecast is an expensive hobby... sigh* =(

  2. Chris, you can see the Celica review from this link:



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