1/64 Tamiya Collector's Club - Sigma Dunlop Celica 2003

This is a 1/64 scale die cast car model of "Sigma Dunlop Celica" from the JGTC 2003, produced by Tamiya.

Although the Toyota Celica is actually a "FF" type car, those that they use in JGTC series however is "FR" type and they also did lot's of modification and add on to increase the performance of the car.

As it says from the information sheet below, it says that this Celica is based on 2002 Supra and have turbo powered engine.

This item comes with a nice packaging style and more importantly, they also provide a nice acrylic display casing together with a nice display base with the car name and model printed on it;

Let's have a close look on this Celica;

This model features openable door;

And also lots of decals based on the actual "Sigma Dunlop Celica 2003" car:

Tamiya did a great job on those decals, everything is great, close to near perfection, in fact I can't find anything unpleasant about the decal works.

Now, let's see the interior details;

Interior details is quite good, Tamiya tried their best to imitate the interior feel of JGTC cars, it's not extremely perfect but I think still excellent.

Overall, this is a very nice die cast car models for a GT racing version of Toyota Celica or rather in particular "Sigma Dunlop Celica of JGTC 2003 season". The detailing and finishing is quite brilliant and its difficult for me to really point out anything unpleasant about this model because I'm happy with it and like it a lot. Maybe, the only thing we could bring up is the detailing of the front lights and also the rear brake lights for using sticker/decal but then again this is almost a standard from Tamiya for this kind of JGTC cars available under their "1/64 Scale Collector's Club Series".

Side by side with the Au Cerumo Toyota Supra 2003;



  1. YEAH !!! with this "close-up" i confirmed that this model is the best of the threesome you published... the body design has a distant resemblance with the regular model of Celica and i think it looks a lot better... now that you mention the painted or pad printed head/rear lights, i was against that kind of finishing (and i still think that the clear plastic inserts work better) but with the latest technology of pad printing the realism has been improved, so now for me it’s pretty fine... =)


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