Hot Toys - Resident Evil After Life 3D - Alice - Part 1 of 4

There are 3 known Milla in Shewsbury Land;

The emphatic Mila Kunis from the popular comedy series of That 70's Show;

The wonderful super-hero Milla Jovovich from that Resident Evil movies;

And that old footballer from Cameroon, Roger Milla LOL;

Obviously, we will now talk about the 1/6 scale (12 inches) premium action figure of Milla Jovovich or rather Alice from that Resident Evil AfterLife movie produced by the Hong Kong based company Hot Toys.

For those of you who have been following Shewsbury Land since a few years ago, you would certainly know that this is the first ever 1/6 figures from Hot Toys to appear in Shewsbury Land and rightly so coz this is indeed my first (and maybe the one and only - unless if they produce Uma Thurman from that Kill Bill movie in the future ^__^ I will sell my kidney and lung to get that figure LOL)

Being a pervert, I love any movie or anime that features a female super hero - example, Kill Bill movies, Ghost In The Shell anime, Appleseed and maybe a few others out there that I don't remember or don't know at all....

I've been craving for this 1/6 scale collectible figures from Hot Toys for a very long time now and I was hoping that my first one will be either Deunan Knute, this Alice or Uma Thurman.... turn out to be, I suddenly got the Alice.... not so bad though... at least she is in my wish list...

As many of you know (or if you don't already know), those wonderful Hot Toys figures are quite pricey, usually in the region of near USD 200.00 (about SGD 260.00) and move all the way up to the ceiling. Being a toy collectors and reviewers and pervert and fantastic vagina kisser, I put a limit of SGD 200 for any single toy/figure items that I want to buy.... I wish I can afford more, but just like many of you out there, we do have our sensible limit and we stick with it and make the most out of it although there are once in a while that we do exceed that limit and this is one of those time for me and Shewsbury Land ^__^

However, recently, a fellow collector offer this item up for grabs for a mere SGD 180.00 (about USD 140.00) and knowing that the basic price for this item is actually USD 165.00 (about SGD 213.00) that price is certainly excellent and it's a wasted opportunity if I don't grab it.... thankfully I did and I am a happy bunny now....

So let's review the figure.... first the box;

Usually the photo on the box is on vertical mode but this Alice comes in horizontal mode.... I'm not really an expert about Hot Toys therefore I'm not sure if this is the only one or if there are a few others with the same concept out there.... I don't care anyway LOL...

The box/packaging of Hot Toys figures is certainly awesome, worth every dollar you paid for it...

The face sculpted by the beautiful and talented Korean artist - Song Hye Yun ^__^

Now let's take them out out that box/packaging;

And thee shall get all these stuff;

Inside that small plastic is some sort of extra joints - maybe as a spare if you need them in the future...

As usual, let's have a look at the figure;

The body and costume design is quite brilliant though I managed to detect 1 thing that I don't like for now.... will discuss that later....

Moving on, the face sculpt is quite emphatic, I think it's one of the best from Hot Toys so far;

Comes with 2 sets of hair design;

You can changed them accordingly as you pleased;

This is the different looks by using the 2 different hair cuts/design;

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  1. Wow Nice grab David :D the packaging is awesome :) her face is beautiful too


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