1/43 2007 Houzan Tom's SC430 - GT500 #01 Toyota Team Tom's from Bandai

This is the review of 1/43 scale PlaMoKit of Houzan Tom's SC430 - GT500 #01 Toyota Team Tom's of 2007 from Bandai.

LinkThis is a very simple snapfit model kits produced by Bandai thru their factory in China and I can highly recommend this to any beginners who just started into car plastic model kits hobby.

The box;

Out of the box - all the runners and stuff;

As you can see from the above picture, 2 of the wheels comes in silver color while the other 2 comes with black color. The disck brakes comes in black color as well.

So I do some simple painting work and transform them all to be like this;

Apart from this, I did not do any other painting or detailing work like what I did previously on the Motul Autech Z.


Minus the additional painting works that I did on the wheel and disc brake, I can actually finish this kit within 45 minutes.

And this is the result;

Now let's have a closer look at the sponsors decals;

Overall this is a very simple and extremely fun car PlaMoKit to work with and as I said earlier, beginners would love it. Bandai have done a tremendous job in producing the fully painted car with all the nice decals, there are all accurate and beautiful. Of course, for the more experienced and expert modeller, maybe they can do more modifications or extra works on such a small scale car kit but for me... I think I love it this way. Wish there will be many more of this in the future but at the moments it seems to be impossible as Bandai never seems bother to continue this segment anymore.

If you like milk, you would surely love this.



  1. ah Tom's Cutomized Lexus :)

    is this have die-cast part DJ ?? ^^

  2. Nope all plastic, certain parts Bandai paint with chrome color as you can see from the above picture. Maybe, just maybe, that rod to connect the 2 wheels, black color is die cast.... or maybe I'm wrong...


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