1/43 2007 Motul Autech Z - GT500 #22 Nismo from Bandai

Frankly speaking, up until July 2011, I never knew that Bandai actually have made a simple snap fit plamokit for cars targeted at those car modellers especially the beginners.

I did try working on a 1/24 Austin Mini Cooper car from Tamiya and after breaking several parts here and there, I end up with frustration and just throw it away, end of story.

The Tamiya car model is quite difficult and surely not for a beginner. If you only good at doing the regular snap fitting assembly on Bandai GunPlaMoKit and love it that way, I guess those Tamiya car PlaMoKit is totally a different world and you have to enter it with lots of patient and determination and sperm... lots of sperm.... LOL

Nonetheless... to compensate my failure and frustration, I decided to buy this car kit from Bandai, so now, let's have a look at it;

This is now the review of 1/43 scale plastic model kit of 2007 Motul Autech Z - GT500 #22 Nismo from Bandai

The box;

As stated in the box, this is made in Bandai factory in China;

Out of the box;

Out of those plastics... you will get all these;

The manual;

And I start building this car.... slowly and steady....

First and foremost, the 1/43 scale Shakugan No Shana II Mazda RX-7 die cast car model from Aizu inspired me to painted the seat with red color and apparently the water slide decals that comes with this item is quite lousy, I end up destroying it, so at the end I decided to do some extra painting job on a few part - namely the seat, steering wheel and the dashboard.

This is them before painting;

And this is it now after my amateur paint job;

Damn I hate doing painting, but I'm quite happy with the result of this one, considering that I'm not skillful with it and I hate it in fact... I think I'm a happy bunny now...

And oh.... since the disc brakes comes in black color, I decided to so some painting as well there;

And this is it now... after all the assembly and that simple interior painting works;

Shewsbury Land presents.... Motul Autech Z - GT500 #22 Nismo model 2007;

The custom display base have the team name.... love it!!!!!! and oh, this is originally Nissan Fairlady 350Z if I'm not mistaken, though this is the Nismo version and further modified by the Motul Autech to compete in the Japan GT500 series in 2007.... or so I thought....

And now a little close up look at those sponsors decals;

I really love all these decals and I'm glad that it's already there on the body, nicely done by Bandai.... love it so much....

Evidently, since this is produced in Bandai's factory in China, sometimes, you do get some "defects" or "annoyance" like this (look at the NISSAN word on top of the SUPER GT word);

Overall, this car kit is very easy and very fun to work with. No glue or paint required, all is snap fit just like those GunPlaMoKit.

Minus my special painting works, we can in fact finished this kit within 1 hour or less. I really love this simple snap fit car kit and I hope many other manufacturer will do the same though I can hardly seen such items exist in the market anyway nowadays, I mean, this one was produced way back in 2007 by Bandai and that's about it... no more continuation what so ever after that. What ever stock available now is from what they produced several years ago.

I was hoping that Tamiya or Fujimi or Doyusha would provide such "user-friendly" model kit at 1/43 scale as well and make them available now but I guess that is just a wishful thinking from me.... sigh

If you like sex and apple pie, I think you would love this as well LOL ^__^



  1. For an easy snap-fit kit, this looks great, especially with the body-panel decals done for you.

    Also, nice work on the dashboard. =D


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