1/144 HG GPB-04B Beargguy

This is the popular Teddy Bear as seen in the popular Japanese adult video "Immoral wife fucked by a teddy bear" performed by Shou Nishino, Yuma Asami and Ai Takeuchi.

As seen in the movie, this teddy guy can really seriously fuck like a pro. His strength is overwhelming, his energy is mesmerizing, his passion and skills is beyond words, his penis is extremely agile and flexible.

He have the ability to make women cums for 7 or 8 times within 90 minutes, absolutely heroic for a new comer in the industry. Some of them ladies were crying as they cannot bare the amount of pleasures conquering them.

The box of this exciting 1/144 HG GPB-04B Beargguy...

All of the runners, not many of them 6 plus 1 set of those polycaps joints... A very good impression for a beginners like me and I don't feel intimidated at all....

The assembly work doesn't take me long, overall just within 2 to maximum 3 hours and I'm done. The only thing that took long time is those decals and panel line shit - which I skipped most of them anyway....

OK, as usual, let's have a look at this Teddy Wong;

Articulation wise, for such a midget limbs, this Teddy Wong can give some decent result, I don't expect too much out of it but somehow Teddy can still the the usual kneeling post....

And a little bit of some action pose maybe;

Again, it's not that great but it's pretty decent and I think this Teddy is GORGEOUS!!!!!

Some close up looks at all those additional decal works for fuck sake - I mean for fun sake;

The logo on your right (that slutty naked lady) is for Shewsbury Land Brothel Association while the logo on your left (that lady in blue with a fucking whip) is the logo of the brothel where this Teddy work as a body guard (Blue Lady Leisure Hotel), protecting the leisure ladies from those brutal son of bitches... The Zeon logo in the middle is for Zeon of course....

On the left arm below is the logo that symbolized the seniority rank in the "Shewsbury Pervert Club" in which many of you who frequently visit Shewsbury Land are also an automatic life members.

This Teddy Wong have 3 stripes (means Brilliant Fucker) and the highest is 4 stripes (means Perfect Fucker).

That logo at the back of his foot, that is in fact the logo of Arumugam Departmental Store, your favorite store to get the best deal for Penisonic SX3.

The gimmick, not much but still they're all GORGEOUS!!!

First this openable mouth;

In the movie "Immoral wife fucked by a teddy bear" this Teddy Wong managed to crippled the ladies, making them wet and tired by just using his bare mouth and tongue.... very powerful...

Next gimmick is the ear.... you can twist and turn it - something like this;

Last but not breast, they gave the extra arms part so that you can make the arms longerrrrrrr

Something like this;

This is what they called as "Vibrating Tentacle Movement";

Apart from that you can "change the eyes" by changing the stickers - which I don't fancy at all....

This is the "magic flute" which also can be used during anal sex for extreme special extra pleasure....

Some simple but nice details on it;

OK, this is how Teddy Wong use all this "gimmick stuff" in real life situation;

First the extendable arm - also known as "Buddha's arm of justice";

Next is the "magic flute" - also known as "Trinity vibrating flute"

Basically you can now imagine the usual 2 doctors situation in front of the X-Ray stuff.

Lastly, the red bag with 6 missiles on it... nothing great about it, but this is the "gimmick" on it;

This Teddy Wong is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Size comparison with HG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam (G30th)

In the special side story movie of "Mobile Suit Gundam: Amuro fuck Ramba Ral's sister" you can actually see the battle between this Teddy Wong and RX-78-2 Gundam though the ending of that battle is quite ugly....

Amuro Ray fainted after farting in the pilot cockpit and since the air conditioning and oxygen system is not functioning properly, the smells of his fart make him loose concentration and eventually he can't take it anymore and faited - just like that....

The Teddy Wong piloted by Ramba Ral then lost interest with the battle as he also happen to have appointment for some penis treatment at Shewsbury Hospital - he need to rush otherwise the que will be long. So he said, fuck this Gundam, I'll be back to crush him with my Gouf tomorrow.... that is when the story back to the original anime where Gundam fight the Gouf instead in the desert and you know what happen next.

If you have this Teddy Wong, it will be more fun if you carry him around as companion....

Overall, this is a very easy and fun kits to assembled. The end result is all about being cute and gorgeous. Ladies will surely love this Teddy Bear and I my self love this so much that I want to get another 1 or 2 of it in the future. The joint is what we could expect from Bandai - lousy and loose, I hate it but somehow I managed to fixed it.

If you Googling around, you can see that some people even customized it with special blow job - I mean paint job creating those Panda and Kamen Rider and what ever mother fucker you can find on this earth including the big mouth mother fucker Mick Jagger.

Lately Bandai have too many of this "reproducing" the previous kits with some modification or add ons and called them as new product - for fuck sake they even have Gundam OO-Raiser without the GN Drive version... amazing... All this and many of the rest made me bored with Bandai Gundam Division..... but this Teddy Bear is the best thing since Elvis Presley as this model alone have created lots of phenomenal buzz (including this almost hentai GunPla review) within the cyber world.

For 1,800 yen (roughly about SGD 29.00 before adding shipment charges) plus some online shop sometimes will give some sort of what ever discounts, this 1/144 HG GPB-04B Beargguy is certainly a wonderful value for your money.

You can get this item from HLJ by visiting the link below;


And as usual, depending on your locations, you can also get this easily from your local hobby/toys retailers at reasonable price.

After such a long time taking a break from GunPla stuff, this model seriously make me excited again and remind me of the thing that I love the most about GunPla - it's not about having more GunPla than the others or bragging that you are better than the others or making all those expensive and beautiful piece of art (or piece of shit) - GunPla for me is all about enjoyment, relaxing our mind and having fun with the end result.

So don't bother to tell me your 2 cents or 5 cents or what ever tips (unless if I asked for it). I make enough money for my self and I don't need your 2 cents. I love to just having fun with GunPla as I never intended to be a "great modeler" or "expert mother fucker" - I just love it to be beginners or amateur but the most important thing is that I am happy with it.

LOL... is that honest enough? Oh well, don't take it seriously, it's just my personal opinion and I can be totally wrong as usual though 1 thing for real is that life without sex is risky.



  1. *facepalm* LOL

    thats it! I'm posting this up on FB

  2. Wow you've got some nice custom decals! Where did the ladies come from? :P

  3. Hahahaha! I have the same qns as evolution above... Where did you get those decals?

  4. Awesome post man! Way to go! So many dick crushing fight scenes lol!!!

    I totally agree with your last statement man, the most important thing is you have fun with you kit!

  5. Awesome Decals you attach to him :D

    and your last statement fun!

  6. Im waiting to get my hand on this bear. LOL

  7. Don mess with the beargguy lol

  8. Playevolution and Marzz, that is in fact one of many Zeon decals produced by Bandai, see my link below;


    or you can directly click the photo link below;


    But not easy to get it now maybe.... HLJ no longer have stock for it...

  9. This is so damn cute, should be the cuteness gunplay till date. Love those additional decal you used on this Bearguy too! Have a bountiful bunny year to you too!


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