Digirama - Penisonic SX3

Dedicated to Chubbybots, BD77 and Optimistic Penguin.... LOL



  1. running with some ecchi ideas? LoL

  2. lol lately you really like to advertise stuff ah haha.

  3. *picks up his jaw*
    I dropped my jaw. Truly, shock and awed~! XD

    p.s. will try to post the blade to you by next week.

  4. WTF! wahahhahahahahah very entertaining a parody for Panasonic LX3 right hahahaha

  5. bUHAhahahah!! Awesome digirama man!!! Thats some awesome advertising way to go!!

  6. Aya, I guest you are right, I didn't really thought about that in fact, the whole stuff is just an idea that suddenly appear while I was urinating... now that you mentioned it, this can be a parody for that Panasonic LX3 it seems... "best friends for ladies" - the LX3 can be a dream camera for ladies who doesn't want big and bulky camera and yet they have all the advance and creative features at their disposal from such a compact body.... LOL


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