Beach Outing V1 - Part 3

I guess there is no surprise that we will bring some figures to have fun with us at the beach.

Despite the radiant hot sun, Keroro is happy....

And we also bring the magnificent seven....

Opps... plus the Keroro, that makes the total to eight...

Everybody want to have their own photos...

I was suppose to do some sand castle thingy but due to the sun and I since I forgot to use sun block lotion on me... I decided to skip that part and move on... will try to do it in our next visit for sure...

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  1. wow... really nice photos! i love the realism.. the scale of the beach is jus nice. really looks like you're filming the live action version! =D its only obvious when you put keroro with the rest.. haha.

    ren. ^^

  2. Thankfully none of them went overboard and started a fight. XD

  3. cool~~~ good thing they were heavy enough not to be blown by the wind :D

  4. The beach looks quiet XD


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