Cosmic Region Akatsuki Gundam ORB-01

This is Cosmic Region Akatsuki Gundam Full Set.

Cosmic Region is the spin off from Gundam Fix Figuration (GFF) toy/figure series from Bandai's Tamashii division

The GFF and GFFN figure series is produced by the legendary mecha designer Hajime Katoki and I guess it should be the same for the spin off series (Cosic Region / 00 Region)

The original full price is 4,500 yen (about SGD 72.00) and if you can buy it during special promotion or discount sales I strongly recommended that you pick this item - especially if you like Akatsuki Gundam.

As an additional information, the model kit of Akatsuki Gundam is indeed quite expensive due to the beautiful shining gold colors on it.

The HG 1/144 kits are separated into 2 separate unit accordingly as below;

1- HG 1/144 Shiranui Akatsuki Gundam 2, 400 yen (about SGD 38.00)
2- HG 1/144 Owashi Akatsuki Gundam 2, 400 yen (about SGD 38.00)

And as at February 2010 there is no 1/100 MG kit yet produced for this model however if you like big size you can get the HG 1/100 Akatsuki Gundam Owashi Pack /Shiranui Pack Full Set for 6,500 yen (about SGD 103.00)

All the price is above is not inclusive of whatever shipment charges that you need to pay.

So you can either spend 4,800 yen to get the beautiful HG 1/144 model kit and assemble it yourself or you can just spend 4,500 yen and get the already completed model ready to play out of the box. Though the second option gold color is not as beautiful as the model kit. Even better buy them all.

I am a big fan of Seed/Destiny and Akatsuki Gundam is surely one of my favorite from the series. The best MS of ORB, the one and only in solid gold color.

As we seen in the anime during the second Battle of Orb, Cagalli Yula Athha first piloted the Akatsuki Gundam with the Owashi Pack facing many of the ZAFT soldiers and the incredible Destiny Gundam.

However, due to Cagalli Yula Athha lack of serious battle experience and knowledge with the Akatsuki Gundam or any other MS for that matter, she have a hard time to face off Destiny Gundam and if only Kira Yamato in his Strike Freedom did not arrive on time to disturb the duel and subsequently turn the tides of the war in favor of the Orb Union, Akatsuki might become another war junk.

So first think first, let's have a look at Cagali Yula Athha's Akatsuki Gundam Owashi Pack.

The box...

Out of the box... you will get all this stuff...

The Gundam...

Shiranui Pack

Owashi Pack

2 beam saber and a shield

Beam rifle and the extra hands

And last but not least, this beautiful action/display base...

OK, as always, let's have a look at the body...

Beautifully design and I love those nice decals and markings... I'm not surprise if this is the concept from Hajime Katoki...

Apart from the great looks... not much to highlight... except for this thing at the back of the legs...

Articulation wise... well GFF figure is know for their beautiful painting and marking and unique design thanks to the additional touch up or a complete make over design by Hajime Katoki and not to forget the flows or lousiness that sometimes clouded the beauty. However, they're never known for perfect articulation and even this CR figure is the same.

Articulation is barely minimum though slightly better than the recent over 10 years old HCM Gundam Mk. II figure that we reviewed here recently.

Nonetheless, I have to also mentioned that the overall felling of this figure is very good. No lousiness or softness or looseness here and there. Everything is as tight and firm as I would hope for. I would say the quality this time is as good as the previous Cosmic Region Providence Gundam and Legend Gundam that we reviewed here last year.

So with that in mind, I don't mind about the lack of articulation. Most important is this figure is good and feel quite solid.

This is the Owashi Pack for use on earth (sky) but I guess it can be used in the outer space as well. The "Owashi" pack can separate and function as a separate fighter as well.

Unlike the 1/100 model kit, not many parts are movable except for the 2 unit High Energy Beam Canons.

The details that comes with this figure is quite nice and as always lots of decals marking.

No joke but true, Akatsuki is designed based on GAT-X105 Strike Gundam and thus it use the similar backpack attachment system just like the Striker Weapon System.

Just as a tip for you... If you happen to have the 1/100 MG Aile Strike Gundam (and maybe Sword and Launcher backpack as well) and the HG 1/100 Akatsuki Gundam Owashi Pack /Shiranui Pack Full Set you can eventually use and share the backpacks amongst them.

And if I'm not mistaken, even the Strike Freedom backpack wing is also possible. Go and try if you wish to know.

OK, back to the review, the simple and only way to attached the Owashi Pack to the Akatsuki.

The beam rifle and the shield...

The beam rifle look simple but still complete with nice decals and markings.

And the same with the shield. I think the shield is quite unique and brilliant.

Normal standing post with all the weapon and armaments...

You can then put him on the action/display stand and try to do some action pose though not much to try really...

The 2 unit of High Energy Beam Canon

And the beam saber....

If you watch Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny you would probably remember this classic scene...

And now its the time for Shiranui Pack (space).

This is when Mu La Flaga or Neo Roanoke take over this MS from Cagalli and aboard the Kusanagi Ship to be in action for The Battle of Messiah.

That many long thing at the Shiranui Pack are actually "Mobile Beam Turret System" similar to that ZAFT's DRAGOON's system or "Funnel" as they call it in UC timeline and "Fang" in the AD timeline (Gundam 00)

Unfortunately, at the moment we don't have suitable tools to display those "MBTS" in actions so at the end we just leave it there as it is...

Buying completed Gundam figures especially if it's from GFF series (GFFN is not included as they're are more on a superior level and quality as well as price) is like a lottery.

There are times when you get a good one and there are times when you seriously can end up with the "good looking" but absolutely terrible one.

I experience both of them but so far the Zeta Gundam is the worst in which I don't even managed to review him and instead take his weapon and some of the body parts and limbs and use it for add-ons to my other Gundam.

But apart from that, the rest are quite OK.

Cosmic Region Providence Gundam and Legend Gundam is damn wonderful that I would say it is almost perfect and this is similar.

There is some minor flows on the Shiranui Pack where those "MBTS" is prone to fall down with a slightest tilt or movement but that is easily solved by just using the white glue.

Overall I am very happy with this Akatsuki Gundam.

Should you buy them? If you like Akatsuki Gundam so much, yes you should, buy 2 unit so that you can display them both - side by side with 2 different backpack.


  1. Ah nice review DJ :D Actually I like the part when Akatsuki was used by Mu ^^ Very nice scene when he recalled his memory and protected the mother ship!

  2. That is classic Chubby... to be honest when I first watch Seed Destiny, I thought he will suffer the same fate again as it was in Seed and this time "for real" - I'm sure Murrue Ramius feel the same as me...

    Thankfully though, the Akatsuki can withstand the "hit" and he regain his memory back and the rest is history....

  3. sigh, envy ur GFF and GFFN. So many! By the way I've just bought GFFMC #1004 RX-78-2 and GFFMC #0000 Limited Z plus Blue. No time to take photos and write review yet. the 1004 is worth to buy, go get it!

  4. You envy my GFF/GFFN collections? what a joke man, u are already better then me, u have GFFMC Z Plus Blue Limited.... I don't have any GFFMC yet.. still considering which model to get... the main candidates now is either GFFMC Unicorn or the cheap GFFMC RX-78... I somehow always hold back believing that someday Bandai will produce GFFMC Aile Strike Gundam and that's the one for me to grab but the day never seems to come - yet...

  5. I have this figure and I'm also having the trouble of the MBTS falling out of he shiranui pack very easily. Even the slightest bump will knock them out. I am buying the legend and the Destiny very soon as well. I really enjoy the cosmic region/GFF figures

  6. Eric, just use white glue to solve that loose problem.

    See below:

    Good luck...


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