Hot Wheels - Ferrari 458 Spider

So the Ferrari 458 streak continues today and this time its the roadster or spider version called "Ferrari 458 Spider" produced by Hot Wheels.

Out of that packaging now;

The casting quality is quite decent while the painting finishing is not bad however Hot Wheels being typical Hot Wheels and especially for this regular line up/series, the exterior detailing is typical minimalist approach, something that I nicknamed as "lazy approached" but then again I noticed that most Hot Wheels collectors don't mind about it, makes me believe they have "low taste" for refinement but anyway those people are typical hardcore Hot Wheels fans so no matter what for them Hot Wheels is always the coolest in the world - the next best thing after Britney Spears or Jessica Alba LOL. 

For this model, again Hot Wheels use decals for the front lights detailing, it's not terrible but far from great either but this could've been a lot worse so judging from the look of it, I guess its kind of acceptable.

If there is any consolation for the lack of exterior detailing then I guess it would be on the wheels design which is quite brilliant though ever more fervently Hot Wheels obsession over bigger wheels on the rear and a whole lot smaller wheels on the front continues while thankfully they didn't forget about the "Pininfarina" label on the side.

Interior detailing is decent, nothing great to bragged about, it's typical Hot Wheels but for sure this is far from ugly.

I just thought that it would be nice if there is some sort of frame on the wind screen but hey, this is the typical Hot Wheels at their typical cheap price, so we can't demand much on that.

The brake/rear lights is not painted or detailed which is typical for Hot Wheels and there is no "Ferrari" label at the back as it should be, perhaps for Hot Wheels it's something like this = "Oh yeah, what ever, the rear detailing it's not that important, leave it plain that way save us more time and money, our customers will still buy anything we throw to them anyway!!!"

And from my personal experience talking with some Hot Wheels fans about this thing, their response seems to confirmed of what I thought to be typical Hot Wheels style as I imagine above. Surely for most of them this is cool and fantastic, don't bother so much about those minor detailing - typical Hot Wheels fans.

Overall, I personally think that for my personal taste a small size cabbage makes a more sensible alternative than most die cast car models produced by Hot Wheels on their regular line/series, they are usually quite decent but far away from "great" except for certain few models like the Pagani Huayra which we reviewed recently. Let's face it with their cheap price, surely they are a long way short of the class best but this is Hot Wheels and that's the way it is. This is still quite a decent representation of Ferrari 458 Spider at cheap price and it should be fine as long as you don't demand the same quality finishing that you could get from Kyosho which usually cost almost 6 times higher than the one from Hot Wheels. I am someone who willing to spend extra to get the better quality that pleased my eyes thus I think I am not really the main target audience for Hot Wheels and thus it's not fair for me to give negative comments on Hot Wheels. I think Takara Tomy and Kyosho and even some from Johnny Lightning would suited me more but then again, once in a blue moon, I don't mind to pick up those products from Hot Wheels as some of them do comes with wonderful finishing as well.

Side by side with the Ferrari 365 GTS4 which is from the gorgeous "Ferrari Racer" series and I do like them very much, price is just slightly higher than the normal series but the finishing is way much better and quite satisfying for me personally.

Side by side with the Ferrari 458 Italia from Kyosho which is the best Ferrari 458 at this 1/64 scale we had so far.

Interestingly, I don't really have plenty of Ferrari for now but hopefully someday in the future, I could add a little bit more of Ferrari Italia variants into my collections.



  1. HEHEHE... you think the same way i thought about Hot Wheels until not so long ago, even HW was not in my radar and i despised its models for a long, long time !!!... now, i’m a fan of Hot Wheels, not like the hardcore ones, of course, but i began to appreciate in a different way the diecast made by this brand...

    obviously there are models very disappointing, but it happens even with the premium brands... this particular model is kinda average and simplistic, even for something from the regular lines... it looks "pale" beside the HW Ferrari 365, which have sharp details and better mold... not to mention beside the Kyosho Ferrari 458... this is not the most fortunate diecast by HW so, i guess you picked it up because it’s your favorite Ferrari, right ??? =)

    1. In fact you're smarter than I thought you are hehehehe... you are absolutely right - I pick this purely because of my favorite Ferrari 458


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