Mazda RX-7 Savanna (FC3S) Shewsbury Custom

I have 2 units of this particular car (Mazda RX-7 Savanna FC3S produced by Jada Toys) and thus I decided to a simple customization project on the spare unit.

So the first thing I did is to remove those decals from the body using paint remover (thinner);

After that, I do a little bit of painting on the engine hood and the rear spoiler - Actually this painting works requires lots of concentration and efforts and I would say that this is the most challenging part in this project - it looks easy, but not really...

After that I painted the 2 seat/chair from typical black into red color - this is the easiest part and after that I put some decals sticker on the body and this if the result;

Then again, that is just "Phase 1" of this project.... now the "Phase 2", I want to put some stereo or music sound system thingy on this car (steal some interior parts from Chevrolet Nomad) and I also wanted to change the steering wheel from that typical black color into chrome color (again, I steal some interior parts from Chevrolet Nomad)

This is now after I changed the steering wheel, the next thing to do is to "attached" that sound system thingy onto the Mazda interior - somewhere at the back there...

Need to use some Tamiya cement for to make them stick.... this is now the final look;

And finally now the "simple project" is completed;

Now the Mazda have some sort of sound system thingy LOL LOL LOL.... this is so cool....

You can read about my other simple customization project from the link below;



  1. it seems that your obsession is not only the red but the B&W color scheme as well... this Savanna looks quite better with the touch ups, only the red of the decals is too bright for my taste but it’s just my point of view, also the audio system improves the interior... it’s a nice work and your skills are getting better, congrats pal(s)...!!! =)

  2. how nice! more colorful!
    how about using 'carbon fabric pattern decal'?
    maybe it looks more detailed!
    [it also looks nice now :)]


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