Jada Toys - 1/64 Initial D - 5 in 1 Box Set - Mazda RX-7 FC3S

In the pass several days I was busy going thru my computer and external hard disk storage, reviewing, re-organizing and removing the media files (mostly photos and videos) in the hope to gain a little bit of space and it is indeed quite tedious but surely rewarding as well. I still kept the old photos from way back of 2006 and all the way to the present days and after reviewing most of them, in a way its like looking back at what we did or had in the past and for some reason it's some kind reviewing my progress.

The most visible progress I could see by looking on all those photos is on photography skills. I love camera and picture/photos - hence photography - and I can see all the mistake I did in the past and learning something from it to improve my skills and knowledge.

As at now, I'm not saying I am a wonderfully skillful photographer or better than you but instead I could say that I am better now than I was yesterday. I am as good as I could be and I'm happy with all my little achievement to date but I also know that there is still a lot more to learn in the future as life goes on.

Nonetheless, I finally have the free time now so for today we will look at this die cast car models from Jada Toys for the cars that appear in the popular drift/racing anime - Initial D.

This 5 cars in 1 box set is no longer available now from the major online stores in Japan but maybe - just maybe - you might find them in some of the local toys/hobby shop around you or in some other countries (if you lucky enough).

I grabbed this from E-Bay for SGD 140.00 (about USD 113 / EUR 90 / 8,808 Yen) including shipment and yes I personally would say it's kind of expensive but what the hell, sometimes we do have to pay for the price of fulfilling our desires.

The box/packaging;

Eventually, I took almost 100 photos so instead of uploading them all in 1 review, I guess it would be wise to separate them one by one accordingly and we will start today with this fantastic "white comet of Akagi" - the white Mazda RX-7 Savanna FC35 driven by the genius Ryosuke Takahashi and this still remain as one of my favorite Japanese sports car of all time.

The painting finishing is good and the exterior detailing and marking are equally impressive.

Jada Toys use rubber tires which is an added bonus;

The custom parts used on this car in Initial D First Stage to Third Stage is as below;

CibiƩ T353 Fog Lights, Fujita Engineering Front Lip, MazdaSpeed Single Exhaust, 2.0 Boost Meter, MS 01 Rims (Episode 1 of 2nd Stage and 1st Stage), Works Meister S13 Rims (Battle Stage of 1st Series), RS Watanabe Eight Spoke F8 Rims (Episode 7 of 2nd Stage-3rd Stage), Ryosuke-Made Side Mirrors, Bucket Racing Seats, MazdaSpeed Steering Wheel and RedSuns Sticker.

And when they reached into the Intial D Fourth Stage and Fifth Stage (Project D), this is the custom parts used on this car;

CibiƩ T353 Fog Lights, Fujita Engineering Front Lip Bumper, MazdaSpeed Single Exhaust, 2.0 Boost Meter, Repainted Frontlip, Work Meister S13 Rims (Silver), Ryosuke-Made Side Mirrors, Bucket Racing Seats and MazdaSpeed Steering Wheel.

All of these cars from Jada Toys use screw underneath which means we can easily view the interior sculpt and detailing of the car easily;

In my opinion, the interior sculpt and detailing is quite good - not perfect - but for this scale, I am very happy with what I see.

I happen to have an extra of the same model I bought from a friend long time ago. I did a little customization on that... no big deal actually, I just erased all the team stickers/logo/emblem on the body of the car and then I painted the seat into red color and that's all.

According to the Initial D Fifth Stage manga, Ryosuke Takahashi and his "white comet of Akagi" will race for possibly one last time against a formidable opponent - a Nissan Skyline GT-R32 a - and for that battle, this white Mazda RX-7 is equipped with a GT Wing rear spoiler. I look forward for the Initial D Fifth Stage anime which will start airing in early November 2012.

Next, we will look at the blue Nissan Sileighty of Mako and Saiyuki.



  1. Nice get ^^ I like the package too

    wish it have headlamp design

  2. Great write up!!! I also have a set. I actually paid a bit more, but it's in it's original sealed packaging. I love that show.


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