Jada Toys - 1/64 Initial D - 5 in 1 Box Set - Nissan SilEighty

Continuing the review from our previous article covering Mazda RX-7 FC3S, now we will look at this Nissan SilEighty/Sil80 (RPS-13) of Mako Sato and Sayuki from the "Impact Blue" team of Usui.

Although the color (at least on my eyes maybe) is blue but according to the spec, the color name is "midnight purple pearl" - what ever that means....

The custom parts (as seen on the anime) of this car are Nismo Aero grill and BBS RM wheels - that's about it.

Painting finishing, exterior detailing and marking is quite good;

The interior sculpt and detailing is very good as well;

I think that this is quite a good die cast car models of Nissan SilEighty. In the overall anime of Initial D, we see this car and it's driver's performance in Second Stage and a then a little bit more in the 2 Extra Stage. Mako Sato (the driver) and Sayuki (the navigator) are popular characters in Initial D series since so far both of them are the only "all-female team" in the series and both of them are pretty gorgeous too.



  1. i have seen precisely this model, individually carded and offered here for something like US$24... way too expensive i guess for a Jada diecast in 1:64 scale... although i must confess that is a beautiful model with excellent finishing and details, the paint job with that blue metallic and the golden wheels are awesome !!!... the complete set seems to be a valuable option for those related with Initial-D (which i have not seen yet)... =)

  2. hmm why i don't see this as detailed as the white FC


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