Kamen Rider Fourze FMCS 01 Base States - Part 2 of 2

This is the continuation of Part 1. If you haven't read the Part 1 of this review, click the link below;


Otherwise, you can proceed with this Part 2;

Now let's have a look at the accessories and weapons. The FMCS 01 comes with the following weapons;

- The orange color thingy is "Rocket Module (ロケットモジュール Roketto Mojūru)", also known as "Orange Dick" in Shewsbury Land.

- The small black and grey color thingy is "Radar Module (レーダーモジュール Rēdā Mojūru)", also known as "Cum Shot Blocker" in Shewsbury Land.

- The blue color thingy is "Launcher Module (ランチャーモジュール Ranchā Mojūru)", also known as "Ejaculation Shooting Device" in Shewsbury Land.

- The yellow color thingy is "Drill Module (ドリルモジュール Doriru Mojūru)", also known as "Drilling Vibrator Sensation" in Shewsbury Land.

First, let's have a look at the "Rocket Module (ロケットモジュール Roketto Mojūru)"

This item use some sort of slide mechanism for attachment onto the right arm of Fourze;

As the color code suggest, orange, so that means you attached this on the right arm of Fourze;

And this is it, the "Rocket Module (ロケットモジュール Roketto Mojūru)";

Next we look at this "Drill Module (ドリルモジュール Doriru Mojūru)"

As you can see on this picture from the box, it says the drill part can actually spin like real drill... now you know why we call it "Drilling Vibrator Sensation" LOL

And as the color code suggest, yellow, that means you put it on the left leg with "triangle sign" and yellow color on it;

This drill can spin at 200 RPM, fast enough to pierce through enemies and through the ground and thru ladies va......... hehehehehe ^__^

So I guess this is how the Limit Break finishing attack look like.... in Kamen Rider Fourze world, they call it as "Rocket Drill Kick (ロケットドリルキック Roketto Doriru Kikku) - equivalent to the usual "Kamen Rider Kick", the signature attack of many Kamen Riders.

Now the "Launcher Module (ランチャーモジュール Ranchā Mojūru)"

Although you can see 5 "missile" or bullets there, eventually only 2 that can really attack. Bandai gave 4 "missile" or bullets for you to shooting around (and also in case you lost the first 2)

And as the manual suggest... do not aim others eye, this can hurt...

To do the "cum shot" - I mean the shooting... you just need to insert the 2 bullets there and press that thing downwards;

Something like this;

From our test, the "missile" can fly as far as several meters easily, so you better be careful with it... you might lose it easily....

And as the blue color suggest, you need to attached this onto the right leg with "X" sign that have blue color on it;

Just like that;

And last but not least.... the "Radar Module (レーダーモジュール Rēdā Mojūru)"

Same slide mechanism for attachment;

This is where you will attach it, on the left arm;

And just like that.... Fourze is ready. This Radar Module allowing Fourze to reflect certain waves of energy (and cum shot LOL). It can also be used to give the other Modules homing capabilities or to communicate with those at the Rabbit Hatch (is it the rabbit of Playboy? LOL)....

And of course, since we got it all... why not try attach them all;

This reminded me of the OCC 06 Kamen Rider Birth ^__^

Is it cool? or is it weird? up to you what to say on it... but this is exactly how he look like with full body kit LOL....

Overall, as an action figure, this Kamen Rider Fourze FMCS 01 (FMCS = Fouze Module Change Series) is an exciting action figure and truly a great value for money. I appreciate the detailing and gimmick features improvement from Bandai and I think this figure is one of the best from their "Kamen Rider gimmick figure section" so far.

For those perfectionist, yes, they are some visible cutting or nub marks here and there and maybe some of you will complain about the visible screws at the back. Well, if you not happy with all that, then just wait for the S.H. Figuarts version, maybe you need to pay a little bit more but it is also possible that you wont get the weapons as well.... though maybe I'm wrong on this, we just wait and see.

As a Kamen Rider.... sigh... hard for me to say.... but then again, look is a matter of personal taste, just like sex, erection and ejaculation... you should have the final say on that.

We happy with the nick name of "Ugly Betty" though that doesn't mean that this action figure is ugly or lousy.... we just though that the name is gorgeous.....

Lastly, the picture of Kamen Rider Fourze from Wikipedia;



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