Christmas Tree 2010

"One of the nice thing about Christmas is that you can make people forget the past with a present" - Ramba Ral, December 24, UC0078.

Though many will doubts if Ramba Ral did really said that but eventually it doesn't matter at all.

More importantly, Christmas is the time to forgive and forget.

Though if you are a Christian, don't use it as an excuse to forget about going to the church for the Christmas thanksgiving prayer service/mass.

Just like the previous years, we decided to save money and buying less Christmas tree ornaments and instead, we use our figures, Gundam and toys stuff as the ornaments - a unique, creative and economical way to decorate the Christmas tree...

So ladies and gentlemen, this is it;

And oh, since in this year of 2010, the Kamen Rider figures seems to be the major player in Shewsbury Land, from the search result analysis, we can see that we get lots of new visitors looking/searching for Kamen Rider reviews and information.

Thus, it is natural to give the honor to all these pervert Riders to be the main ornaments of Shewsbury Land Christmas Tree for 2010 and that in a way the theme this year is "Kamen Rider Christmas Tree 2010"

In a way the whole set up is unplanned, I put them randomly and at the end I came up with an idea to make it look like as some sort of diorama thingy called "Don't let Kamen Riders touch your Christmas tree"

Have a look at the close up photos below;

Our Christmas tree is small... but considering there are 8 Kamen Rider action figure there - assuming that the price for each of them is roughly at average of SGD 40.00 each, so that means our tiny Christmas tree have a decoration and ornaments worth about SGD 320.00 - how about that? If I were to have bigger Christmas tree and I start to put several Figma and Gundam there, maybe the value can reach up to SGD 1,000.00 - for a tiny tree, that is damn expensive.

You also can consider this idea and use your Gundam or Figma or figures and toys stuff to decorate your Christmas tree. Why bother to spent extra money and buying all those traditional ornaments when you can use your creativity and do something more fun.

As for the rest of you who celebrate Christmas, have you set up your Christmas tree?

And to the others, be it Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or what ever, even if you don't celebrate Christmas, if you want, you can just set it up for fun sake, if you shy, put it in your room - remember just for fun sake and for your figures and toys collections, nothing religious about Christmas tree actually. It's just a tree with lot's of decoration and maybe lights, children loves it.

In fact Christmas tree is never part of Christianity. It is just some sort of idea that appear several hundred (or maybe thousand) years ago by some people somewhere who wanted to have something nice to see inside the house as they can't really go out during the winter time, it's damn cold outside and the snow is pretty thick and since then it become a popular thing.

By the way, below is the Christmas tree in our office with the typical traditional design and ornaments. Eventually soon we will have this office Christmas party where all the staff will bring a give with a value of SGD 10.00 (or more) and put it under the tree. We will then later do some sort of lucky draw thingy and you will shall get a random presents from amongst the staff. Quite fun, look forward to it...

Shewsbury Land decided to give some small token of appreciation to the frequent visitors of Shewsbury Land who have participated with the activities of Shewsbury Land and more importantly, taking the time to leave some comments/feedback on many of our articles/posts in which quite a number of them are quite perverted in nature...

According to the statistic that we reviewed (since July 1, 2010 to December 8, 2010), the visitors from overseas tend to leave comments while the local visitors tend to be quiet (with the exception of Syful and Anon) as probably most of them already get used to the "ChatBox" option or maybe they prefer to be a silent readers/visitors who leave no marks or evidence.

Since last year we decided to remove the "ChatBox" and try to encourage the readers to leave comments instead so that the others can read it as a reference in the future.

Nonetheless, nothing much we can do about it, it is up to the readers/visitors if they want to leave comments or not.

And lucky to those who frequently leave their comments, Shewsbury Land decided to give some Christmas gift to them and hopefully this will encourage others to leave comments and feedback in the future - though spamming is not counted.

Though by right we should review and calculate the number of comments since January 2010, but due to the lack of staff, we only reviewed the statistic since July 1, 2010 and thankfully though, there are not that many comments to be counted...

From the information provided by my staff (I asked them to prepare a comments calculation using Microsoft Excel) I can confirm that (name in alphabetical orders) - Aya, BD77, Chubbybots, Evaritus, Marzz, Leon, Syful and Zhe Kwan are the frequent readers/visitors who always leave their comments and feedback (since July 1, 2010).

And so the lucky winners are:

1st Prize : Aya
2nd Prize : BD77
3rd Prize : Marzz

Thank you very much to Aya for consistently leaving comments and feedback in Shewsbury Land, in fact it is you who inspired us to do this special "giveaway". Your comments are appreciated by many in Shewsbury Land.

The same for BD77, our talented blogger friends known with his "magic hands" - your hands deserve some rewards. His digirama or 4komas are quite entertaining and once a while his hard work on that section always inspired me.

I never realized that Marzz (also known as Lord Mar Ze in The Legend of Mid Autumn Festival - Shewsbury Style) have been around in Shewsbury Land for quite sometime now till when I calculate the number of comments posted by him. Eventually he beat Leon with a small margin but it is enough for him to be number 3.

Terms & Conditions:

All the Christmas gifts to Shewsbury Land's friends will be wrapped by the staff and depending on your luck, I'm not sure what will you get, it's truly random.

We will send the items using Registered Air Mail and therefore, although this meant to be a Christmas presents, we cannot guaranteed that you will receive your items prior to Christmas day. Depending on your Geographical location, your items may arrive a little late, maybe after Christmas, maybe also within the month of January 2010.

If you agree to all the terms and conditions above, please claim your Christmas gift and send your name and mailing address to e-mail address below;

dj at shewsbury dot com

Please make sure that all information are correct to avoid any unwanted inconvenience and further delays in shipment.

Last but not least, thank you also to all readers/visitors/friends of Shewsbury Land who willing to spent some time to leave some comments and feedback on our site in the past and if you have the free time in the future, continue to do so as Chinese New Year is not so far away - if you know what I mean.

Oh yeah.... as for the rest of you, there is "Christmas Giveaway V2", which will be open to all, very easy and fun and quite rewarding.... will announce it soon.



  1. Wait, what? I don't even (expecting this)...

    Heheh. Thanks for enjoying my stories, DJ. Yours is also leaves a lasting impression on me (i.e. the two doctors).

    Thanks for the prize =D

  2. Lol, I wasn't expecting this at all!

    Thanks for the gift bro. :D

  3. DID I really left so many comments here O_O ?

    Thank You for the Gift, David. :D

  4. *lurks in*
    Wah, nice tree! Too bad I dare not decorate my own tree in that fashion considering I have a very active baby sister around. XD

  5. Oh yeah, congrats to those who got the X'mas presents. ^^

  6. wow, congratulations Aya, Marzz, BD77
    you guys really made the blog alive!

  7. LOL I am impressed that you actually caculated the comments. You are one serious blogger.

    The kamen rider did a great job camouflaging in the Christmas tree.

  8. merry christmas John!

  9. Thought the Christmas tree was much bigger till I scroll further down. The Gundam display on the background is awesome.


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