WFC06 Kamen Rider Double Cyclone Joker Xtreme

This is the review of WFC 06 Kamen Rider Double Cyclone Joker Xtreme from the "WFC toy series" produced by Bandai. "WFC toy series" is the current "figure with gimmick" section for the current Kamen Rider Double (or is it Kamen Rider W - what ever...)

If you read our previous reviews for the other figure in this series as listed below, in a way you would understand that this is now the "Final Form" of Kamen Rider W and basically the last in the series.

WFC01 Kamen Rider Double Cyclone Joker
WFC02 Kamen Rider Double Heat Metal
WFC03 Kamen Rider Double Luna Trigger
WFC04 Kamen Rider Double Fang Joker
WFC05 Kamen Rider Double Accel

And finally this one; WFC06 Kamen Rider Double Cyclone Joker Xtreme which we review now.

The price for this item is 2,800 yen (about SGD 45.00) before adding shipment charges.

First and foremost and as always, the box;

Out of the box, you will get these stuff (plus the manual for transformation of course);

Let's have a look at the figure;

And a little bit of close up look;

Although some of you out there dislike the look of this figure due to the visible screws at the back and maybe also you would tend to compare this figure side by side with the S.H. Figuarts version of the same character, but I personally feel, the sculpt and detailing is quite decent, obviously its easy for us to say, it could be better and there is room for improvement but as it is now, I think it's quite decent. After all, this "gimmick figure" section never promise high level details or perfect finishing but rather the fun gimmick that other figure can't do which is something unique to the figures from this segment only and it seems that Bandai did a great job to differentiate the 2 level of market and product target.

Talking about gimmick, this figure happen to have the so-called "transformation gimmick" where this figure can be either Cyclone Joker or Cyclone Joker Xtreme. Below is some pictures of the transformation process;

And after you did all that as in accordance to the instructions provided with the manual that comes with this item, you can get Cyclone Joker and you also can get Cyclone Joker Xtreme - vice versa... So in a way, this is 2 figures from 1 body.... amazing!!!!

Articulation is quite good, the usual kneeling pose is not a problem;

Comes with these sword and shield;

And now.... it's action pose time... as a side not, in this review case, I will just use the Cyclone Joker Xtreme as the main exhibit;

This is indeed a fun and unique action figure for Kamen Rider Double Cyclone Joker Xtreme. It doesn't promise high level of perfection in detailing as well as finishing but for what is worth this figure have a unique transformation gimmick, quite poseable and playability value is quite great and the overall quality is in fact not bad either.



  1. wow it transform pretty well (except the shoulder)
    I think Ohzu only have no 1-3 as only 9 coins avaiable and you can swab those 3. except bandai star making secondary rider and ULTIMATE form hahahha

  2. the transformation looks pretty weird to me :S

    me thinks it's because they can't just produce a WCJ without any gimmicks cus d previous 5 WFC have their transformation gimmicks. so they made it transformable to CJ =/

  3. I didn't notice it... But! Did the cyclone joker xtreme place the double driver into the back? Was that also in the tv series?

  4. nah. CJ put d Extreme memory over the double driver ^^

  5. Astray Zhe - You are perfectly correct - for fun sake Bandai give the transformation gimmick to this Cyclone Joker Extreme although it looks weird... well, for Bandai they will say: "At least this figure can do transformation"


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