WFC 04 Kamen Rider Double Fang Joker

This is the review of WFC Kamen Rider Double Fang Joker.

The price is 2,300 yen (about SGD 37.00) before adding the shipment charges.

The box...

Out of the box....

You will get the figure separated into 2 halves and the Blade parts for the Fang's body.

At least the design of this Fang Joker are slightly different from the previous Cyclone Joker, Heat Metal and Luna Trigger that we reviewed here.

Even so, it is not really a massive differences but rather just a simple touch up and add on here and there - seems to be quite effective....

The belt is also quite different from the previous 3 WFC figures.

And so now... action pose time....

Now the main highlight of this WFC series is in fact "Divide and Combine" and that means if you have all the 3 or 4 figures from this series, you can get many different variations of Kamen Rider Double (or W) forms as seen in the TV.....

So for this review sake, we presents the "Divide and Combine" features of this WFC series below:

Overall, this WFC series is just slightly cheaper from the more popular S.H. Figuarts series but they manage to offer something that S.H. Figuarts can't provide. Articulation in our opinion is just about average, nothing much to shout about. Though you have the articulation on the elbow and knee joints, don't expect anything superior. If you can look beyond thee articulation issue, you will somehow having fun with figure especially as display purpose.... change them all everyday....

S.H. Figuarts series seems to be very popular amongst the toy/figure collectors but Bandai is targeting different market segments and audience for their FFR and WFC series and don't be surprised that in Japan and the Chinese region, the FFR and WFC series seems to be quite popular and along the way there are some serious/matured collectors who also happen to like this alternative figure series from Bandai.

Additionally, you can also read the review of the other WFC figure as below;

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  1. This WFC Fangjoker is SGD 37?!
    I think I prefer the SHF.... I preordered mine for SGD 36. :D The SHF Version.

  2. Marzz, the currency rate can change rapidly and the price in SGD equivalent I gave there is just an estimate based on the rate prevailing rate at that point of time.

    In general, the SHF version (of Fang Joker) retail price is 3,000 yen (about SGD 47 at current rate SGD 15.60=1000 yen) while this WFC version is just 2,300 yen.

    Nonetheless, it is possible that some local or online retailers will give you great discount on certain items and thus it is not fair to compare the actual/original retail price against the special discounted price that you get from where ever it is.

    It is logical to see it as 3,000 yen and 2,300 yen - 2 different price with different features. Special discounted price is totally a different issue.

    Furthermore, the WFC items offered something different and basically it is targeted for different segment of buyer/customer/collectors and thus Bandai certainly know how to adjust their price accordingly.

    So 3,000 yen and 2,3000 between the SHF and WFC version.... there is a lot to discuss to justify the 700 yen differences...

  3. @Marzz wish can see store sell like singapore did :(


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