1/100 MG Strike Gundam with IWSP - Part 2 of 2

This is a straight continuation from Part 1.

The greatest strength of this Strike Gundam is its compatibility with the Striker Pack system which consists of a set of backpack units containing equipment sets designed for certain specific role in combat.

Strike Gundam can adapt to various combat situations simply by attaching the appropriate Striker Pack - Aile Striker Pack, Sword Striker Pack and Launcher Striker Pack.

Aile Strike is for flight and all-purpose combat - also can be used in outer space. Sword Strike is for heavy melee combat and Launcher Strike for heavy ranged assault.

It would be nice to combined all the above mentioned ability into just one Striker Pack but it is quite difficult to think about it and to implement it as well.

However, with dedicated hard work and creative brand, the scientist and engineers in Orb finally managed to create and design this IWSP.

Launcher Strike

Sword Strike

Aile Strike

These are basically the basic equipments that contributes to the IWSP...

Combo Pod + Shield + Midas Messer = Combined Shield

Combined that "Combo Weapon Pod (120mm anti-ship vulcan gun, 2x 350mm gun launcher)" that was previously mounted on the right shoulder of Laucher Strike Gundam with that "Shield" and "Midas Messer" from the left shoulder of Sword Strike Gundam.

Agni hyper impulse cannon (320mm) + AQM/E-X01 = IWSP

Pretty straight forward of 2 combination and improved further to create the more powerful and agile IWSP.

I personally believed that the twin "Anti-Ship Sword" is inspired by the twin "Armor Schneider and possibly also the long single "Schwert Gewehr".

And for sure this "Grand Slam" is the better version of "Schwert Gewehr"

All the weapons package of IWSP

Despite all those magnificent weapons... it has to be noted though at the end not much action pose you can do with it as it is more into like making the Strike Gundam looks great or cool or even intimidating.

Bandai provided the special stand (the same that comes with MG Sword/Launcher Strike) so you can at least attached the Strike there and try to do some on the air or flying pose...

Meanwhile, some details on the IWSP...

While on the stand (the default or the Action Base 1 ) you can try to think of any pose that is possible but not much pose to do really...

Lastly some outdoor photos....

Again, looks interesting by just simple standing pose...

Overall if you're a big fan of Gundam Seed and Strike Gundam we recommend that you should get this into your GunPla collections...

The IWSP is quite heavy and we personally recommend that you use the action base/display stand that comes with the MG Aile Strike but at the end this is up to you to decide, in our opinion that stand is quite strong to handle this unit for a long term period.


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