1/100 MG Strike Gundam with IWSP - Part 1 of 2

This is the magnificent Strike Gundam (GAT-X105) with Integrated Weapon Striker Pack (IWSP).

In case if you don't know, Strike Gundam is one of the most profitable modern Gundam to Bandai.

These are the list of some of the products Bandai made for the Strike Gundam

- SD/BB GunPla kits
- 1/144 FG GunPla kits
- 1/144 HG GunPla kits
- 1/100 HG GunPla kits (though some would rather fere it as NG = No Grade)
- 1/100 MG GunPla kits
- 1/60 HG GunPla kits (though some would rather fere it as NG = No Grade)
- 1/60 PG GunPla kits
- MSIA Action Figure
- GFF Action Figure
- GFFN Action Figure

And on top of that there are probably many other type of action figures, completed models or figurines of Strike Gundam related which mostly made by Bandai Hong Kong Division several years ago and also not to forget those made by Banpresto.

Though Strike Gundam cannot beat the popularity of the evergreen RX-78-2 Gundam but at least to most of the modern generation... Strike Gundam is easily the best and the most popular Gundam that they can think of.

I am a big fan of Gundam Seed anime and of coz Strike Gundam (GAT-X105) so this kit is indeed a must get for me.

This is now my 5th Strike Gundam in my collection.
- MG Aile Strike Gundam
- MG Launcher/Sword Strike Gundam
- MSIA Aile Strike Gundam
- 6 inches (15cm) tall Launcher Strike Action Figure

In the future I am still hoping to get the following:
- GFFN Aile Strike Gundam
- 1/60 HG (or NG) Strike Gundam or maybe 1/60 PG Strike Gundam
- 1 unit of any types (GunPla kits/action figures/completed models)of the Strike Rouge.

There is another variation of the similar model in which the other one is from the Seed/Astray series and that is no other than the Lukas's Strike E with IWSP (E is for Enhanced = GAT-X105E). The price is 4,500 yen (SGD 70.00) while this one is a little cheaper by 300 yen (4,200 yen / SGD 65.00).

I personally dislike the Strike E type simply because the pilot is not Kira Yamato (for the record the pilot name is Lukas O'Donnel) and he is not as handsome as Kira Yamato. Furthermore, I dislike the shoulder of Strike E which is quite long just like the Akatsuki (but at least I still like Akatsuki for it's gold color) and it doesn't have the Armor Schneider (Anti Armor Combat Knife) and instead they replace it with M8F-SB1 "Shorty" beam rifles.

Nonetheless that is my personal opinion based on my liking only, some of you might prefer the Strike E. Technical wise, the Strike E is in fact an improved version of original GAT-X105 Strike. The engineers managed to extend the unit's operating time by improving its energy efficiency.

In a way, this Strike Gundam with IWSP that I have look much similar to the one we saw in Gundam Seed anime and that is why I love it so much.

The box...

Working on this not difficult at all... after all it is Strike Gundam... perhaps the only little challenge you will find is on the IWSP part but nothing that is too difficult anyway... it's a little bit of time consuming maybe but not so bad...

And when you done with all the tedious work... you should be able to get all these stuff..

The Strike Gundam comes with all this magnificent weapon, the "IWSP" (P202QX) is docked with the Strike Gundam (GAT-X105). You will also get the "Combined Gatling Machine Gun and Shield" - it's a 30mm 6 barrel type gatling machine gun, there is also a "Midas Messer" beam boomerang on it, 2 unit of "Anti-Ship Sword" and as and extra, Bandai still give you the standard Strike Gundam's 57 mm high-energy beam rifle and shield as well as 1 unit of "Grand Slam" - that big anti-ship sword (a reincarnation of Schwert Gewehr)

First and foremost as always, let's have a look at the Strike Gundam...

There is no difference in terms of body design or structure but perhaps the only most notable differences is the color on the chest part. The photo below showing the color differences between the MG Strike Gundam with IWSP and MG Aile Strike Gundam - which is also the same as the MG Launcher/Sword Strike Gundam.

Articulation wise - no different at all, it's the same but surely it is great...

I like it that this Strike Gundam is quite sturdy and quite stiff... feels very solid...

The unique weapon of GAT-X105, the Armor Schneider (Anti Armor Combat Knife)

Let's see some actions showing the simple way to utilize the Armor Schneider effectively...

The standard beam rifle and shield of Strike Gundam...

Lot's of photos already for now, we shall continue with the rest in Part 2 of the review...


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