Transformers Bumblebee Studio Series 83 Voyager Class Soundwave and Core Class Ravage

This is the review of Transformers Bumblebee Studio Series 83 Voyager Class Soundwave and Core Class Ravage from Hasbro/Takara Tomy.

The box/packaging:

Out of the box/packaging:

OK, first thing first, let's look at the alternate/vehicle mode which is quite a boring mode for me personally simply because I don't like it and I don't even understand WTF is it actually, I guess I just call it the "Cybertronian Pancake Mode"

Perhaps we can put it standing like this and maybe it become like some sort of Cybertronian Boombox? or maybe microwave oven? or a fridge maybe?

We attached the weapons at either side and this is it:

Not much for me to say on the alternate/vehicle mode. It is what it is, what ever it is... I don't fancy it at all. Transformation process is not too difficult but not easy peasy either. That's the end of our review for the "pancake mode" LOL....

Moving on to the good part - the robot mode:

The color selection, painting and finishing, detailing and sculpt quality is excellent, I love it:

Orthopedics or articulation wise, it's very good:

The weapons, we got these:

You can mount them at the back here:

Something like this:

Some pose with the weapons:

All our other Soundwave (just a few actually), one of them is from 2008:

Although the alternate/vehicle mode is subject to each individuals personal liking and taste, so not much I will add on that, for me it's boring and it's WTF, not much more for me to add but I think this Soundwave in robot mode is brilliant. I really love it. Probably this is one of those best looking Soundwave in robot mode though that also varies from each individuals perspective but for me, it's absolutely brilliant!!!

Now let's have a look at Ravage, they call this "Core Class". The box/packaging:

Out of the box/packaging:

So basically you will get all these (plus that manual obviously):

So let's have a close look at Ravage:

And now we attach all those accessories/weapons:

And this is Ravage in the animal (or should I say "jaguar") mode, looking great and savage!!!!

Just a bit of fun, meeting the other Ravage(s) in our collection:

Transformation to the alternate mode, I guess it's a cube or.... oh well, I don't know but this is it:

Transformation process is not that difficult but can be bit tricky and the process required for the removal and relocation of those accessories/weapons.

And when you want to insert this transformed Ravage into the chest compartment of Soundwave, you need to again remove one of those accessories/weapon:

Let's do it:

Ravage now inside the chest compartment of Soundwave and basically made the Soundwave figure looks much better:

As for this particular thing:

We attached it to that shoulder mounted canon just like this:

And a little bit of posing for the camera:

Now Ravage shall exit from Soundwave's chest compartment:

And we need to pull out that thing again:

And re-attached onto Ravage again:

Ravage and Soundwave, looking great together:

Hasbro/Takara Tomy being generous by supplying that backdrop set that we can use as display decoration, something like this:

It's not the greatest thing in the world but I think it's quite decent and I don't mind at all, in fact, I think I can appreciate it - thank you to Hasbro/Takara Tomy:

After 4 years of waiting since 2018, I'm quite excited to finally get this Soundwave figure. It's like a dream come true even though the waiting period is quite tricky as you have that global phenomenon called "Covid-19 pandemic" to deal with but I'm glad and thankful to God that I survived.

I bought PS3 and PS4 to help me go through that 2 years of pandemic season and hence I end up getting hooked up with gaming and I love it and probably will spend more time gaming from now henceforth.

Overall, I think this is a very excellent Voyager Class Soundwave figure with all round excellent design, detailing, sculpt, painting finishing and articulation. I have nothing to complain about the robot mode but I sincerely dislike the alternate/vehicle mode though maybe some of other fans out there could appreciate or love it more than I could, so yeah... it is what it is....

As for Ravage, I think it is equally excellent in design, detailing, sculpt, painting finishing and articulation department. I don't really appreciate the need of part removal/relocation but I don't hate it all that much since transformable GunPla can do worse actually.
So, I guess I don't have to recommend this figure to existing and hardcore Transformers Soundwave fans and collector alike, I believe probably most of them will buy this for sure but for those who are new or still on the fences about this, all I can say, go grab them while stock last coz this Soundwave is exciting. Then again, it's your money and your rights, if you disagree, then don't bother and go get things that make you happier. Simple as that.

I will go back to my PlayStation game world now.... cheers mate, over and out!!!



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