JINBAO DF04 Optimum Warrior (Optimus Prime - Convoy)

Yes it's another Chinese knock-off (KO) version of Transformer toys and this time it's time for the one and only the lonely Optimus Prime produced by JINBAO of China (says the label) but don't let the box fooled you, this toy is indeed pretty fun even for an adult collector like me.

First and again, the box:

Out of the box:

I paid USD19.85 for this and so far I'm impressed with it because for such a cheap price you basically get a smaller size MP-10 Convoy with almost all the accessories and additional parts minus the human figure and at around 1/64 scale of Hot Wheels die cast car model. 

Let's have a look at this Optimus Prime in his robot mode:

As I said, quite impressive, so far so good. The painting finishing quality is very decent and the plastic quality is equally impressive considering the cheap price we paid for this.

And now, the features of the figure and all the accessories and additional parts:

Openable chest part to store that matrix thingy:

Articulation is pretty decent as well:

You wont get this jet-backpack in the original MP-10 Convoy but you can get it from this KO version which is cool:

And this is the blaster or the gun which again is quite decent:

They provide additional hands which is an added bonus:

And of coz this flame axe thingy:

And you get this small vehicle:

And you get this trailer that comes with all the features you can get from the original MP-10 Convoy:

The Hot Wheels Nissan Fairlady in the pictures below is not supplied together, I just add it for the the sake of photography and having fun with this trailer features:

And yes you can do this repair mode thingy or whatever it is:

They also provide this clear action base and stand to support some sort of mid-air pose:

Optimus Prime in his alternate mode which is this trailer truck head:

Again, it looks pretty decent in his truck mode and I think I like it a lot.

And of course, you can combined them together to formed a complete trailer truck vehicle:

Size comparison with the other KO Chinese made transformer figures we have:

Overall, this is a very decent and solid KO version of Optimus Prime (or Convoy) in a complete package at the size of about or almost 5 inches. The painting finishing and plastic quality is indeed pretty good and it comes with all those things that you can see from the picture of these review and considering the cheap price, I have nothing to complain about this figure and I can safely say that I think I like it and maybe some Transformers toy collector out there might also like or love this thing. It's cheap, i's decent, it's fun - simple as that.



  1. Currently, I’m developing respect and appreciation for the contemptuously called KOs (Knock-Offs), specially when I remember that virtually any company in the collectibles industry started manufacturing products that, while not necessarily copies of other products, offered poor quality and minimal features, just like the KOs used to... Nowadays, these KOs offer features and quality that some established manufacturers of collectibles cannot achieve and for a lower asking price, which makes me wonder if what you’re paying to support some renowned brands is just a bit too much?...

  2. For something that’s so compact and details, the pricing sure is worth very cents. It has almost very thing they throw in with MP. I’m impressed they even add the backpack. Cool miniature!


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